WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt turns 33!

Bray Wyatt Birthday: Windham Lawrence Rotunda, more commonly known by his ring name Bray Wyatt, was born on May 23 in the year 1987 in Brooksville, Florida. He would be celebrating his 33rd birthday this year. A professional American wrestler, he made his debut on the ring in the year 2009 and has since managed to collect several feathers in his hat to boast of. Bray has been the world champion in WWE twice in his career and has had hold of the Universal Championship and WWE Championship once each.

Here are some lesser-known fun facts about the professional wrestler:

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  • Bray is the third-generation professional wrestler folling the footsteps in his lineage and belongs to a well-known wrestling family which makes his interest in the field obvious. His father was Mike Rotunda aka IRS and his grandfather was none other than Blackjack Mulligan. Two of his uncles Barry Windham and Kendall Windham also have a background in wrestling. Bray’s younger brother has also acquired the ring name of Bo Dallas and performs in WWE as well.
  • He had won a state level wrestling championship only while he was in high school in the year 2005.
  • Bray has a real sister named Mika Rotunda who is a broadcaster, writer and also defines herself as a gym rat! She has also done a tryout with the WWE in the July month of 2015.

  • As famous as he is for his gimmicks in the feuds, he has actually won only 30% of all the matches he has played so far.
  • He has majored in the field of Broadcast Journalism from the Troy University. His training combined with his education helped his wrestling career heavy and has certainly moulded him to be one of the best promo cutters television could boast of today.
  • He can proudly claim to be his own creation. While WWE has a major hand in assigning gimmicks to the wrestlers which it wants them to portray with the wrestlers having little or almost no say in shaping the character they’re going to attempt portraying over television, Bray Watt is an exception and is completely self discovered. He has created and acted upon his own gimmicks which the WWE seems to have full faith over since the time of his main roaster debut in the year 2013.
  • In the year 2014, Bray was engaged into a fantastic feud with the very famous John Cena. While one of the newsletters Wrestling Observer proclaimed it to be the worst worked match of the year, another one Pro Wrestling Illustrating stated it to be the best match of the year.

  • Bray has gained fame for using the stunner as his finishing move for quite some feuds now. Wyatt also went on to use this iconic move as a finisher against the father of the attitude era Steve Austin.
  • Even though Bray could never manage to win the NXT championship, he is considered quite successful since he fulfilled his major motive of establishing the Wyatt Family by being a part of NXT.
  • He has been an inspirational figure to some of his fans who have viewed him in a very positive light. One such instance was when one of his ardent fans suffering from the Asperger’s syndrome came out to tweet to Wyatt about how inspiring he and his group has been to him by actually being different from the others. The tweet reached Bray who reverted with kinder words of keeping the head high and how life is each one’s greatest gift.

Wishing Bray Wyatt a very happy birthday!

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