Xbox series X versus PlayStation 5

The Xbox series X is the latest installment of the Xbox game consul series developed by Microsoft. This new consul is supposed to have an impressive and extensive range of features far in excess of the Xbox One its immediate predecessor. Set to release in late 2020 it faces intense competition from its rival PlayStation. The Sony game console is set to release its fifth installment of the PlayStation series the same market quarter as the Xbox series X. Well, many factors will affect the consumer’s decision one of the big ones will no doubt be, the potential price of the game consul.

Xbox specs 

xbox series x specs
Xbox series x specs

The Xbox series X according to the available information has quite an impressive array of technical specifications. One of these features that is going to be of great interest to any customer that owns an older generation Xbox system is the fact that the Serious X will be backward compatible with previous Xbox games. This means that any game from its immediate predecessor the Xbox One as well as select games from the two consuls that pre-date that will be playable on the X series. This backward compatibility will also extend to the game controllers and select accessories from previous Xbox releases. Another feature that will have potential customers excited is the16 GB of memory one terabyte of internal data storage that comes standard with the base model. This will already put the series X leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor with even the most advanced model only having 12 GB and most models only having 500 GB of storage.

The PlayStation five shows a wide array of technical improvements over its predecessor the PS4. While incorporating the standard update to the video graphics there are two other improved features on the PS5. The first is the backward compatibility of the consul. This will be the first iteration of PlayStation in two generations to be fully backward compatible with the previous generation of the consul. The PS5 is supposed to be completely backward compatible with all PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR games. If it works as advertised it will be the most successful PlayStation console with backward compatibility ever developed. The PS5 another notable improvement over its predecessor include the amount of memory and data storage available. The consul will come standard with 16 GB of memory and 825 GB of internal data storage. This is a massive improvement in both areas over the PS4 which only had 8 GB of memory and 500 GB of internal data storage standard.

Xbox series x price

Due to the fact that the Xbox series X won’t be released until winter 2020, it has no listed price at this time. Since even preorder bundle deals have not yet been made available it’s not possible to extrapolate the base price of the series X. However, it might be possible to hypothesize or make an educated guess of the approximate price based on the pricing for previous Xbox game consoles. The best candidate is the Xbox One the previous iteration of the consul. When the Xbox one was released in the United States the sales price was $499 US. The reason for this price was the amount of technology that was included in each individual unit was impressive, both the capability and expense. Based on the features and system upgrades the Xbox series X has listed in addition to economic factors the estimated price for a console could be as low as $600 or as high as $700 US.

With the PlayStation 5 not scheduled to be released until late 2020, no sales prices have been made available. Since no preorder bundles are available either there’s no way to even vaguely extrapolate the price. Even trying to extrapolate the price based on the sale prices of previous units is difficult, due to the fact that unlike other game system developers PlayStation does not increase its price based on the markup from the previous variation. This is best illustrated by the fact that the PlayStation 4 initial sale price was $399.99 US while the PlayStation 3 was sold for $499.99 US. Though it seems unlikely the PlayStation 5 price will drop below its predecessor there’s no way to tell reliably what the possible price might be until its actually announced.

Xbox series x v/s PS5

xbox series x v/s PS5
Xbox series x v/s PS5

The Xbox series X and the PlayStation 5 are very impressive pieces of gaming hardware. Both units are using the latest and best video graphic and audio systems to improve the experience of the customer. The CPU in both the Xbox series X and the PlayStation five is virtually the same 3.8 GHz AMD 8-core Zen 2 with some proprietary customization the only difference. The X series and the PS5 both have user interface systems that have been improved to provide a smoother interface and updating time. This so that the customer spends much time planning their gaming event around hours-long updates. Neither console has a game that has been specifically designed for it. Rather the developers appear to want a slow transition into the new system with all the currents games available being compatible with either the new consul or their immediate predecessors.

The PlayStation five and the Xbox series X do have some notable differences. One of the first being the media both are capable of playing. Both systems can play Blu-ray DVDs however the Xbox series X also plays standard DVDs and CDs. Another difference is the fact that while both have improved video graphics the series X has superior abilities in that area. Another notable difference is the amount of backward compatibility the series X has over the PlayStation5, with potentially the breath of the entire Xbox series games available. The most decisive difference between the two is the amount of data storage the baseline models possess. Once again, the series X takes the lead with nearly 200 more gigabytes worth of storage space. The decision on which consul to buy used to be determined on what game was available only for the consul. Since at the moment that doesn’t seem to be a factor the primary decision will be the price. Regardless it appears that the features of the PlayStation five and Xbox series X speak for themselves as to which one is superior.

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