Yoshinori Ono Capcom split ways almost after 30 years

Yoshinori Ono Capcom split ways as the Yoshinori leaves Capcom after working together for almost 30 years. Though the reasons are not clear yet, unreliable sources say it is due to internal conflicts.

Yoshinori Ono is known for Street Fighter 4 and 5
Yoshinori Ono is famous for his work as the producer of “Street Fighter 4” and “Street Fighter”

Ono was a video game producer and former sound producer as well as composer for Capcom. Yoshinori Ono Capcom had a very strong bond until now. He is the producer of one of the most beloved video games, “Street Fighter”. Along with leaving Capcom, he has quit the ‘Street Fighter’ franchise as well.

Yoshinori announced his farewell from Capcom via his tweet over his Twitter handle. He was in reminiscence about his time with ‘Street Fighter’. Ono recalled how the times were good, bad and sometimes non existent, while he worked for the franchise. He hopes that the company takes forward the franchise in a good direction. He is waiting to  see how the Capcom takes, ‘Street Fighter’ further.

Ono joined capcom in the early 90’s as a sound producer for ‘Street Fighter’. Later he took over its production. he is best known as the producer of “Street Fighter 4” and “Street Fighter 5”. He also served as an executive producer for , ‘Monster Hunter’ and ‘Darkstalker’ .

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Ono’s Words

While saying goodbye to the company, ono said,

“Capcom staff in the new generation will continue taking care of the Street Fighter brand and leading the World Warriors,”

He further added,

“And, I do believe that they will continue making Street Fighter extraordinary. I will look forward to seeing the new Street Fighter brand and how it’s going to be expanded, as just one of the regular gamers next time around.”

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