Youngest Corona virus patient in India

The pandemic COVID19 is spreading day by day and the number of patients are increasing very fast.The youngest corona virus patient is a 14 months old boy who has been tested positive on Sunday in Gujarat.The baby’s parents are labourers living in Dared area on the Jamnagar city’s outskirts and they are asymptomatic. This has madeit difficult for the health officers to find the source of baby’s infection. This is the  first corona positive case in Jamnagar district.

The parents had brought the boy to GG Hospital in Jamnagar on April 4 morning,but he was discharged after preliminary treatment. They again bought him to the hospital in evening in a critical condition.

Jamnagar district collector Ravi Shankar said, “The parents are labourers and it’s difficult to find the source of transmission.It iz suspected that the child has been taken to some religious place to cure his illness in the last few days and from there he got infected. We are verifying every possible source of transmission.”

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It is the first case of corona virus in jamnagar so people are tensed about the child and from where he got infected as his parents told the doctors that they were localites and do not have a travel history to any of the cities in the country.The local police of jamnagar  has become very strict towards lockdown in order to control the transmission of the virus.

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