YouTube premium mod APK, the application that gives you access to the top tier features of YouTube.

YouTube premium mod APK, the application that gives you access to the top tier features of YouTube. Everyone is familiar with the world’s most popular video streaming service. From humble beginnings it has risen to become one of the primary sources for independent media. It is totally free on my other services such as Amazon prime. However, what most people are aware of is that YouTube has a second tier. Basic YouTube is free to use and provides access to dozens of videos on a wide range of subjects. However, you two premium takes that to a whole new level with features that improve everything. the one downside of it is that it’s not free and requires a paid subscription. Unless, you choose to use YouTube premium mod APK.

YouTube Premium Mod APK Stats

Name YouTube
Publisher Google
Category Social
Version 15.49.34
Size 31M
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Requires Android 5.0



Mods for those who don’t know are unauthorize modifications to a computer program. In the case of game these modifications provide certain players a distinct advantage over others. It’s important to note, that mods/hacks have been created for many computer games as well as other programs. Also, these programs usually provide a player an advantage that helps them make victory certain. The best example of a hack is infinite ammunition for first-person shooter Battle Royale style video game. Specifically, this program is a hack that allows a player to have infinite ammunition.

In such a game that would allow one player to take out all the other while they’re reloading. While these programs can be interesting and inventive, they essentially allow a player to cheat their way to victory. Though, to be fair YouTube premium mod APK is not’s ensuring victory but rather providing free entertainment. That is the hack provides the player you sent a distinct and often unfair advantage over other players. it’s also important to point out that not all Mods are considered legal though it does depend on the region. some countries would consider mods that redistribute another program feature without permission a form of plagiarism. Once again this does depend on country in question.

YouTube premium mod APK, the application that gives you access to the top tier features of YouTube.

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basic YouTube


YouTube premium mod APK provides some impressive changes to the basic features. One of the most prominent being the advertisements. The standard YouTube video depending on sling has anywhere from 1 to 10 or more advertisements. To be fair, this is where you to generate its primary revenue. Every time a commercial play on a YouTube video and royalties paid. These royalties allowed to function and provide basic service. On the other hand, they have been known to be quite annoying. Especially when they interrupt a video at a particularly intense or interesting section. The advantage that YouTube premium provides is watching YouTube videos add free. No longer do you have to watch a video and be interrupted halfway through.


Another feature that premium provides is the ability to download nearly everything on YouTube. This allows you to watch your favorite YouTube videos even when you don’t have access to the Internet. Also, YouTube premium and YouTube premium mod APK allow videos to play in the background. This means that while you watch a YouTube video on a mobile device you can switch to another application. If you do this with the basic YouTube app the video posits or shuts down. Premium will simply allow the video to play while you take care of some other task.


YouTube music

YouTube premium mod APK and YouTube premium provide many of the same features for the music part of YouTube. just like the basic YouTube music will be ad free. You’ll be able to listen to your favorite songs play continuously one to the other without a single ad. you’ll be able to play the music in the background while you perform other tasks on your phone.

In other words, you can turn YouTube music into a version of Pandora. Also, you’ll be able to download your favorite songs to listen to at a later time. For example, you can download an entire playlist of traditional music to listen to why you drive to work. there is one feature that music has on premium which is quite unique. That is, the addition of a new interface system. This new system is easier to use operate and also provides additional short key buttons to the various music features. It’s important to note that YouTube premium charges you to be able to use these features.


YouTube premium mod APK


YouTube premium mod APK claims to be able to provide everything YouTube premium provides for free. And to an extent it does allow the user to avoid paying the fees necessary to use premium. For some individuals this seems like a very bargain, until they find out about the consequences. That is, while this app does provide you to premium features it does so by connecting directly through your YouTube application. This means there is the secondary server shielding the user from detection. Also, premium use is scanned in much the same way that YouTube videos are checked for plagiarism. Meaning that unless it is directly reported it will go a long time without being detected. however, if a plagiarized video is found then not only is it taken off the air but the accounts associated.

Many YouTube channels have been the lost due to this kind of protection. in that same manner YouTube and Google protected premium. If you are discovered using YouTube premium mod APK to access premium features there are consequences. first your YouTube account will be permanently locked which will mean having to create a new account. Which can be annoying or tragic depending on how many videos you have saved and can’t find again. However, it gets worse as Google will join in the punishment.

Google features associated with the will also be blocked permanently. This means any Google accounts that are connected to the YouTube channel will also have to be reset. YouTube premium mod APK have made very clear that they are not responsible for these consequences. Indeed they specifically say that they are not responsible the consequences of using the app. So if you are willing to take the chance they go ahead and use YouTube premium mod APK.