John le carré, legendary British author of spy novels died at 89

Legendary Spy novel Author Died :

David John Moore Cornwell, aka John le carré, died at 89. His family stated that the reason for his death is pneumonia. He has made many contributions to literature. His life is no less than a movie. Working at secret services to writing novel under a pen name.

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How David Moore Cornwell became John le carré :

John le carrè has written many spy novels. So why is it so up to the mark. He worked at secret services. But it is to be noted that he added some instances to make his story interesting. If you are reading one of his novels don’t assume that exact same thing happened at Cold War. He led quite a mysterious life. No one knew who is John le carré for decades.
When he started publishing his works no one believed in him and thought it would never be successful. But as you all know that he proved them all wrong.

Many of his friends and family paid tribute to him.

Some 0f John le Carré work :

John le carré died at 89 but he has left behind a legacy. His literary works not only told us cold truths about the Cold War but also win our hearts.

His Novels

  • Tinker Tailor soldier spy.
  • Smileys people
  • Agent running in the field
  • A perfect spy
  • Call for the dead
  • The Honourable schoolboy
  • A legacy of spies.
  • The looking glass war
  • The little Drummer girl
  • A murder of quality

And many more……

John le carré dies
John le carré dies at 89

There are many movies based on his books. And they all did well at the box office.

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Highlights :

  • Legendary spy novelist John le carré died at 89
  • He was famous for his novels written on Cold War
  • He led quite a mysterious life.
  • many of his friends and families paid tribute to him.

202o is the year which has taken a lot from the world. Now another legend has left the world.

Did you knew John le carré and his mysterious life. Ever read his novel?