Mass extinction events occur every 27 million years?

Yes, for now, that’s what Artificial Intelligence discovered. It discovered a pattern that clearly shows that period between mass extinction events is not that complicated as it seems.

See why scientists are claiming this. And what reasons they have discovered for this reoccurring phenomenon in the history of the world.

If stuff like this interests you, read carefully.

What Artificial Intelligence discovered?

Tokyo Institute of Technology has set up this machine to learn about fossil patterns. This AI has discovered how species evolved but it rather discovers this about mass extinction. Whether to believe this theory or not it’s not clear yet.

Why scientists are claiming this 27 million years theory?

After learning mass extinction patterns for years New York University scientists came up with this theory. And Planetary scientists claim that reason for the mass extinction could be comet showers or something related to asteroids. In this research, they also found that extinctions have always affected larger animals. As in the last extinction, dinosaurs were wiped from the earth.

What scientists are claiming about the dinosaur extinction?

Mass extinction events

Mass extinction events

So to make things more clear here, scientists are claiming all these possibilities based on all 5 mass extinction events that have ever occurred in Earth history.
So After many years of studies and research scientists especially some geologists and paleontologists are claiming that dinosaurs became extinct after almost a big state-sized comet strikes the earth. Followed by vigorous volcanic eruption and Earthquake of Richter scale 11-12. Which even Animals bigger than dinosaurs wouldn’t have survived it.

How they reached this conclusion?

As we know there are 5 major mass extinctions that occurred. So scientists at New York University began to start studying the pattern and they came up with a number of theories. Along with this, they came up with the theory that extinction.


  • Artificial Intelligence has found shocking truth about earth mass extinction events.
  • This extinction event takes place every 27 million years scientists claimed
  • They also added this event is the result of the biggest comets hitting the earth. Along with volcanic eruption and earthquake.

Are you shocked by these discoveries ??

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