Zenith’s New and improved Chronomaster sport, that can measure Time down to One-tenth of a second

Zenith Chronomaster sport :

Zenith Chronomaster sport can measure time Down to One-Tenth of a second. First introduced in 1969 as EI primero chronograph now its more revived and improved.  So that it can compete with the biggest watchmakers today. This is a watch with the ability to measure the 10th of second with the date.

Design :

An artist taking inspiration from its former Masterpieces, what’s better than that? Chronomaster has combined various previous pieces for this present watch. Chronometer sport looks like a mixture of A386, Chronomaster De Luca, and A277.

Chronomaster sport has a 41 mm stainless steel dial. As mentioned earlier inspired by its predecessor. Along with its accuracy in time telling its black ceramic polished finish of second is talk of the town. However, talking about Dial Zenith Chronomaster sport has options to choose From black or white dial. With a matte finish.

Now coming to the 1969 model of Zenith it was so advanced that Rolex used it in Daytona after almost 2 decades of its launch. If we are talking about Zenith Chronomaster there is no way we are leaving this part. But seems like zenith took sweet revenge from Rolex by introducing a ceramic bezel. And yes! We can spot similarities yet again…

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Functionalities of Zenith Chronomaster sport :

If you are looking at 41mm dial and thinking what else this EI primero can do, so you are wrong my friend.  It has functions that can tell 10th of second as it has a frequency of 5Hz and second-hand moves faster than usual to tell time accurately, date. Zenith claims that it comes with column wheel mechanisms.
Now, it is safe to say EI primero sport comes with all features of its predecessor with improved mechanism and time-telling abilities.

Watch Zenith Chronomaster introduction here.

Pricing :

Zenith chronomaster sport
Zenith Chronomaster sport price, features, and design

Given its extra advanced features and abilities to tell the date and time, it’s obvious that it will cost you some extra bucks. But Zenith comes under a high-end luxury watch brands so estimated pricing will be around $10,000. But like any other high-end watch, it will be a collector’s item.