Zoom is adding 5 new features

Zoom is adding 5 new features so you “look good” and have “fun” during meetings. Zoom announced in August 2020 that these new features will be available soon 5.2 update. The 5 new features Zoom is adding are filters, noise cancellation, better presentation control, lighting, and reaction. The reason Zoom is adding these features is due to the continuing coronavirus pandemic. Specifically, to help with the challenges of conducting meetings for stay-at-home position. Indeed, these features are intended to bring the fun and casual elements of the office into a virtual meeting. Additionally, many of the features also help deal with the challenges associated with a virtual in a home setting.



he reason Zoom is adding

All 5 of the new features Zoom is adding have a specific purpose, for humor or function. The lighting feature fits into the latter category as its intended counter some of the difficulties encountered at home. Specifically, lowlight which can vary greatly in a home environment. To account for this the new lighting feature allows for lighting adjust which adjusts the light balance of the video. As a result, no nasty glare and you look your best on the chat. Another new feature for Zoom is noise suppression, this is to deal with the inevitable on controllable background noise. Noises like dogs barking or fan engine running on older versions of Zoom can be quite distracted. This new noise canceling feature is adjustable and can block out any noise save the voice of the person talk.

Zoom 5.2 also gives more control of presentation Specifically, when you screen share a presentation its possible to set up so your image is overlay in front. This gives a more realistic presentation experience and allows you to maintain your contact with your audience. One of the 5 new features that add some fun to the new zoom meetings is filters. Now when you participate in the meeting you can have bunny ears or something to make your team laugh. This is also true for the last of the 5 new Zoom features, reactions. This feature allows you to for a set number of buttons each corresponding to a reaction, such as celebration or laughter. It is also important that Zoom has made it possible for users to disable these features at all levels. So, if you want to have a seriously you can disable filters and reactions.

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