10 Best Places to visit in Mcleodganj

A hit amongst trekkers, Mcleodganj is a hill station of Dhauladhar Range located in Dharamshala of Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. It is also often referred to as “Little Lhasa” or “Dhasa” owing to its large Tibetan population.

While in Mcleodganj, one can only do justice to the paradise hills after they visit all its lively attractions, which fill back even more life in those who visit them.

The spots in Mcleodganj which should absolutely not be missed while one wanders include:

  • The Namgyal Monastery

A large Tibetan population and Buddhist followers, what does it call for? A monastery! Dalai Lama, the Buddhist spiritual leader is said to reside in this abode himself. Unfold the facts and one gets to know this is also the largest Tibetan temple outside Tibet. The peace and serene ambience of the monastery is sure to capture the hearts of all those who visit.

  • Bhagsu Falls

They say there’s no better place to find yourself sitting than by a waterfall, listening to its music. Bhagsu waterfalls is perhaps that place to be where once can spend quiet quality time with the glories of nature, while sipping coffee from the many coffee houses and cafes that surround the place.

  • Triund

A popular trek, about nine kilometres from Mcleodganj is all that one needs to go for in order to escape into the soul of the majestic Himalayas. Throughout the trek, one gets visual treats of the amazing scenic trails of the Kangra valley.

  • The Tibetan Museum

While in Little Lhasa, why not get a taste of the Tibetan life. Leave it to the Tibetan museum to give you a peak into the culture with the museum incorporating all handicrafts, canvases, earthenware and reports of the past.

  • The Dal Lake

Who knew one could experience the Dal lake without having to go all the way north to Srinagar! Mcleodganj has its own little Dal lake surrounded by mountain ranges and deodar trees. The lake has greenish water, quiet and calm. One would love to spend a lazy and a carefree day in the nature’s lap here.

  • Illiterati Café

Illiterati café is one of the most sought-after ones in the hill station providing its visitors with the perfect blend of soul-capturing coffee, books and good food. The ambience seems divine, especially to the geeks and the novel-lovers with the cafes holding occasional music gigs.

  • Tibet Kitchen

While one has already had a taste of Tibetan culture, the next in line has to be having taste of Tibetan food! The Tibet Kitchen will satisfy all the hunger pangs and more with its dimsums, thukpa and delicious soups.

  • Kareri Lake

Another must visit lake in Mcleodganj sitting at a high altitude is the Kareri lake where one can capture the crystal clear freshwater and the surrounding pine trees in their cameras and hearts.

  • Naddi View Point

Dreams come alive when one chases sunrises and sunsets through snow-capped mountains. Naddi view point offers this splendid view to those who visit.

  • Kangra Fort

An ancient royal palace which has been witness to many wars and invasions, the fort is made up of rocks that live. Listen to stories that the walls have to offer and engage into a day full of admiring ancient architecture.

Add lives to the days and soul to your travel. Escape to a place where mountains talk louder than people and visit these places for the most enriching and blissful experience, the one you’ve longed for.

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