Canada’s worst shoot out occurred during the ongoing pandemic. While the curfew in Canada is not so strict and people are allowed to go out for grocery,walks and works. Amidst the range , a mass shoot out occurred from an argument between a gunman and his girlfriend. While both of them survived the attack others could not .
22 people are dead in communities across central and northern Nova Scotia. While authorities are contemplating whether the gunman planed all the murders . Authorities claim that the girlfriend of the gunman ,who is a 51 year old women was a victim of assault .
The suspect acted alone in killing 22 people .While 13 deceased victim were also found in Portapique . Several houses were also found burning when the police arrived. In this inhuman act several dead people were lying on the road and about at 6:00 am. The suspect’s girlfriend called 911 to report that the suspect was also driving a smock car and wearing a police uniform.
The suspect later shot and injured a police officer. Later he shot several people and stole different cars while he drove to get gas. He was shot by a police officer on the station ,after 13 hours of the beginning of the attack .
The country overhauled it’s gun and control laws after Its mass shooting incident in 1989.
Although Canada is considered as one of the most peaceful countries in the world. The cases of criminal assault and murder are rising day by day .
While assault which is considered in “The law of Tort” within the Canadian Jurisdiction excluding Quebec. Which is covered by Law of Obligation.
The Suspect of the mass shoot out was reportedly said to be an obsessive over his girlfriend and led to an ultimate demise .
The Human Rights activist have taken no stand on this action but all while criticising the government for their late action. The police is bashed for their incompetent behaviour as so many people have lost their lives for a “good for nothing” issue .

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