What are the components of the criminal justice system in Australia?

Every country, state, and territory develop a criminal justice system that justice the problems of injury and molestation of the community.  Criminals are punished through fines, community services, and imprisonment. The Criminal Justice system is based on laws and ruling that protect citizens from criminal affairs. The criminal justice system came from England.  At that time Australian judges explained and expanded these laws. These laws have also added by Australian parliaments through legislation.

There are three components of the criminal justice system in Australia.
  1. The Investigation Components include the National Crime Authority, State police, Federal police.
  2. The Adjudicate component that includes Courts
  3. The Penal component that includes prisons and other correctional systems. 

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     1.The Investigation

 The investigation includes nine police services which consist of  Australian  Federal Police, National Crime Authority and services in each State or Territory.

    Duties of Police: The major duties of police are to protect the citizens from crime. The police help to maintain peace and prevent crimes in society. They have also numbers of extra duties s for their state. The services of polices are under the State government.

2. The National Crime Authority (NCA):

In1984, the National Crime Authority was organized by the Commonwealth Government in Australia. The purpose of NCA is to prevent and reduce the impact of criminal activity on the society of Australians.  


3.The Adjudicators

All states and territories have local or supreme court system. Supreme courts are heard the most serious cases and appeals from the lower court. A judge of the high court determines the innocence of an accused. On the other hand, the local or  Magistrates court hear the local cases and no jury and magistrates decide the crime of an offender.  Most of the serious cases are referred to the high court. The final court of all states of Australia is the High Court. It is the final jurisdiction.

4.Correction  Action 

In Australia, the Correction system includes parole, Jail, probation, and a different new community. It also includes fines and bonds. The main purpose of the correction system is to rehabilitate the accused so that they live a prolific life. 


The aim of the criminal justice system is to rehabilitate the defendant, prevent crimes and provide a  secure or safe life to the people of Australia. People who are breaking the laws are punished by the Australian criminal justice system.

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