Khaled Hosseini is an American novelist born in Kabul, Afghanistan. He has authored several books and his writings make the readers heart ache and their emotions reel. The clenching in the stomach while reading his books is what makes the writer stand out. As he takes the reader on a journey of emotions. One such book is the Kite Runner published in the year 2003.

The book remains to be a hit amongst readers even today, seventeen years later, owing to its relatable themes and a gripping plot.

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The Kite Runner was the first book authored by Khaled Hosseini and revolved around themes of friendship and betrayal, guilt and redemption, social class and ethnic tensions, forgiveness and the love between a son and a father. Owing to the very same relatable themes, the book was able to resonate with a wide audience. And reach across racial, cultural, religious and gender gaps.


The plot revolves around two boys, Amir and Hassan. Who belong to opposite ends of the society and their friendship which goes through a roller-coaster ride. While the two share their biological fathers, they are uniformed about this fact and being the illegitimate child. Hassan does not get public acceptance by his father even though his father is fond of him. Baba’s (Amir and Hassan’s father) fondness for Hassan creates a sense of insecurity in Amir which is later reflected in his sin.

In his childhood, as an act of cowardice, Amir fails to save Hassan from an unfortunate incidence and is henceforth consumed by guilt for the rest of his life. Despite being aware of Amir’s act, Hassan forgives him (as depicted by his actions). He continues to defend him and lie for him for the sake of his undying friendship and loyalty. Amir meanwhile is rendered helpless and is unable to forget the traumatizing incident and how he failed as a friend even though the years pass by.

Amir moves to America where he emerges to become a successful writer and settles down after getting married. However, the past and his guilt continue to haunt him and lead him to follow the path of redemption. Following the death of his friend Hassan in a terror incident. Amir begins his journey to redemption and begins his search for Hassan’s son Sohrab in order to rescue him.

The book takes the readers on a journey of an unpredictable, unforgettable and heartbreaking story of friendship, connects to the soul, and gives hard-hitting morals which sustain with the readers long after they have finished reading the book.

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