10 series to binge watch on Netflix, Must watch Trending Now

The streaming giant has started the year strong from dramas and movies to reality shows. From oscar nominations to bingeable reality shows and series, one should keep up with the best on Netflix by checking that feed on a daily night basis. If one is into more than a 2 hour commitment, Netflix can help delve into TV shows and keep one busy and occupied. Netflix is always expanding, so there’s no worries if this list doesn’t help.

Cool ways to entertain during lock down

1. The stranger

Awareearth Rating 4.5/5

For someone who enjoys crime, pop, thrill, murder and the state of confusion and curiosity. This is an engaging complicated mystery, based on Harlan Coben’s novel. Where the strangers motives vary, while following a stranger and revealing their secrets, or at times blackmails people for money, at times also helps by revealing the truth.

2. Sex education

Awareearth Rating 3.9/5

While the first season introduced us to the characters and entertained us with honest stories of teen sexuality. The 2nd season got even more realistic by addressing topics like consent, asexuality, misinformation of STD’s and female pleasure. A must watch for 2020.

3. Peaky blinders

Awareearth Rating 4.8/5

This is a 7 season crime drama of a British family, the Shelby’s. When Tommy shelby returns from war , he tries setting the expansion of his family’s control of Birmingham. Tommy and his family try moving up in the world , butting his heads with the British government and other crime families. This complicated series is beautifully shot and a must watch.

4. You

Awareearth Rating 4.6/5

In this digital era, its easy for personal information to slip into unsavory hands. For bookseller Joe Goldberg technology makes it easy to stalk the object of his affections, a woman named Guinevere Beck. You is darkly comedic, probing the vapid culture of New York’s bourgeoisie social scene.

5. Breaking bad

Awareearth Rating 4.7/5

This is about a high school chemistry teacher, diagnosed with last stage lung cancer. Who sells premium meth and uses his chemistry background to cook and secure his family’s expenses before he passes away. It teems with moral and family consequences and issues and is as addicting as crystal meth.

6. Riverdale

Awareearth Rating 4.3/5

An American teen drama series , based on archie’s comics. Has a group of students as main characters and how they unravel mysteries, murders and themselves and cope with difficulties and hurdles coming their way.

7. Money heist

Awareearth Rating 3.5/5

A Spanish drama series is about a criminal mastermind who goes by the profession of a professor and has to pull of the biggest heist in recorded history and how he recruits 8 people with certain abilities to help him carry out this ambitious plan.

8. Crash landing on you

Awareearth Rating 3.5/5

Is a south Korean love story drama series. Where a south Korean heiress lands up in North Korea due to a paragliding mishap into the life if north Korean soldier who decides to help her. The series shows how they eventually fall in love and deal with situations.

9. Lucifer

Awareearth Rating 4.1/5

A mystery series. Where the demon, Lucifer returns from hell and resides in Los Angeles, where he runs a club and soon gets involved with the local police and assists them in criminal cases. It shows how the detective (human) makes the demon vulnerable.

10. Friends

Awareearth Rating 4.9/5

A 90’s comedy TV show that almost everyone knows about. Based on 6 friends who go through every imaginable experience in their life together. Love, divorces, children, jobs, fights , heartbreaks and all sorts of drama.

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