Pubg Mobile set to Launch a new Exclusive Map Called ‘Livik’

Player Unknown’s Battle Ground (PUBG) Mobile is set to launch a new map which is called ‘LIVIK’. Last month PUBG Mobile had launched a map called Mad Miramar. This Livik map will be the fifth map of the PUBG Mobile. Few days ago PUBG Mobile added this map in the beta version of the game as a secret map.

PUBG Mobile Officially tweeted this :

Before official announcement when Pubg Mobile start teasing the map everyone thought that it is an Erangle 2.0 but after announcing officially by Pubg Mobile the name is confirmed i.e. Livik. So for those who were thinking about Erangle 2.0 then you are thinking. It is a totally different map.

This new map so called Livik is specially designed for only PUBG Mobile whereas other maps like Erangle, Sanhok, Miramar and Vikendi were taken from PUBG PC. So this map i.e. Livik is only specially designed for PUBG Mobile.

If you want to play this map then you have to download the beta version of PUBG Mobile or otherwise you have to wait for the next update i.e. 0.19.0. You will get this exclusive map in the next update of Pubg Mobile but if you want to play now then you will have to download the beta version of PUBG Mobile. But as we all know beta version is full of bugs and the map is still incomplete and will you may face some bug. But if you can’t still wait for the next update then download the beta version the game.

Some Previews of new Exclusive map ‘Livik’

As from the preview the map looks like it is the Mixture of all four maps. We can see Snow at one side while desert on another side as well we can see grassy area also. From the speculation of the fans the map would be called ass “Fourex” since it is the mixture of all maps but it does not seems in the case.

It is observed from the beta version of the PUBG Mobile that it is the smallest map of the Pubg Mobile. It is expected to be 2×2 Km of size. Although it is a new map so there is presence of classical elements of PUBG Mobile like UAZ, buggy and other classical elements. Monster Truck is the exclusive vehicle in this map which may be drivable on any terrain including buildings.

Livik will be released in the PUBG Mobile Update of 0.19.0. But there is no confirmed news or announcement by PUBG Mobile that weather this map would available in the new update of second week of July, but it might be available in the update of second week of July.

The Design of the map is so beautiful building and houses has an overhaul. In this new map the presence of waterfall for which pubg mobile has added using new water physics mechanism. They have also added two new guns one is shotgun called SPAS 12 and other is DMR called MK12.

We are so excited to play this new exclusive map. Lets tell us how much you are excited by commenting below. 🙂

Game Play of PUBG Mobile new map Livik

YouTube Cahnnel Name- The7WorldsGaming

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