12 Best Alternative of Roblox game

Many games like Roblox are available but none are truly its match. That being said there are some grate alternatives on the market. Roblox is not a game in itself but rather a game creation platform. A user can download the program for free and then use it to create any form of game any genre they can imagine. anything from a high fantasy adventure to a simple puzzle it’s all possible on Roblox.

Since the official launch of the platform in 2006 is steadily grow more popular. Surprising considering it is mostly heard of through word-of-mouth. As of 2019 100 million monthly users all creating their own unique games. A user is also not limited to their own games but can play anything that is on the platform. It is quite an amazing program, however is not for everyone. For individuals who want something with similar features here is a list of 12 of the alternatives to Roblox.


Minecraft is one of the games like Roblox that is an excellent alternate. While it doesn’t allow the user to create entirely new game it does support player creativity. A player can crowd many items some unique in the and also create unique maps. About the only limitation in the game within mechanics is the imagination. Some players have created maps that are in the city stretching off the horizon while others create fast wastelands. Through the use of the adventure mode these maps can be shared with other players. Additionally, maps in adventure mode can specific goals a player has to achieve. This basically turns them into games within the game, a noted feature of Roblox. While mine craft is not as diverse as Roblox there’s no denying that it possesses many of the same’s qualities.


Creativerse is another one of the games like Roblox that can be used as an alternative. It has many similarities to both Roblox and mine craft. It features massive worlds with varying environments some harsh for the player to explore. it also allows the user to craft items they can use to navigate the environment in the game. Additionally, players can create private worlds for themselves and friends or play on public maps. One of the differences between this and Roblox is that it doesn’t appear possible to freely share a player’s creations. Though that could be a positive if the user simply wishes to use it as an isolated virtual escape from reality.


Trove of the many games like Roblox definitely stands out as top alternative. the game is in MMO that allows the player to create any. There are thousands of worlds a player can visit with millions of items or material that can be combined together. Regular updates continue to add new items and features that constantly change the environment. As with many of the games on this list the only limitation is the player’s imagination. This game however takes that to another with practically no game limitations. An example would a player can modify their avatar to resemble a famous energy sword wielding robot. this is definitely a top contender for an alternative to Roblox.

LEGO Worlds

Unlike many games like Roblox LEGO Worlds will definitely provide a sense of nostalgia. That is if the player had Legos when he or she was a child. The player travels through the entire world made up of Lego breaks. There is in this exploration and crafting to be accomplished in the game. The player can combine Lego bricks anyway they wish within the limits of the game and. One downside is that there are no individual mode or level creation. while this is a drawback as an alternative to Roblox it is still fun game to explore.


Minetest of all the games like Roblox possesses the closest features for alternative. The game is a creation engine that allows the player to create not just unique modes but entirely new games. Though it closely resembles Minecraft is on the surface. Other unique features of the game include very simple modeling program. this allows a player to maintain the creation easily despite constant updates. In other similar updates might disrupt any unique programs created by a player. this is definitely one of the top ten alternatives to Roblox.

Second Life

Second Life has similarities to games like Roblox but also differences. The prominent ones it’s not free to play. In order to participate in the game player has to buy a plot of land in the game. One of the similarities is that it’s a creative platform in which the player can create anything. From works of art to the house a player can even modify the avatar open of the property for anyone to visit.


KoGoMa is one of several games like Roblox that actually draw inspiration from it. The game was exceedingly simple it’s still fun to play and has created us. The player creates an avatar after logging and basically competes against other is to gather stars in the unique environments. the player at the end of the game collects the most stars wins. The creative aspect of the game is that all players are able to create unique weapons. The creativity of the weapon is limited only by the imagination. While not the most imaginative variation of Roblox it is still a fun game.


Terasology unlike most of the other games like Roblox is pretty bare-bones. It is a simple model creation platform. Users can create their own games and modules that others can use to expand the game’s universe. Its primary downside is that community who play the game is rather small. This means there is a lot of variety especially when compared to a game such as Roblox.

Wurm Unlimited

Wurm Unlimited not to be confused with its sandbox predecessor Wurm online is a standalone post of all sandbox MMO. it has many creation features allows the user to set up new servers to continue to expand their game. As a result, the game can expand almost and also contain whatever scenario the player wants. If a player chooses to create a game that has scenarios similar to the maze Runner they can do so. Basically, a player can create any variation of map they wish and scenario and allow other players to run the maze.

Pixel Worlds

Pixel Worlds is another of the games like Roblox that closely mirrors its features. Players can alter the world any way they wish cream unique art animation port. They can also craft any item and also combine items to create unique hybrids in the game. The primary difference is that this game is 2-D. In all other aspects it’s very similar to Roblox including a sense of community.


Boundless more so than most of the other games like Roblox as a unique creative platform. Players saw into a world where there is in this possibility creation and modification. Everything world itself to the tar player can change almost at will. Regular updates keep the game currents and the activities interest. Some of the most recent ones have introduced farming and agriculture to the game.


Terraria similar to most of games like Roblox is a sandbox style adventure. Player essentially digs through to the environments to gather resources and find new worlds. Once the player arrives in the New World, they have to defeats whatever adversary exists there. After they have done this the player is free to create whatever they wish. Some players have created everything from forces to machine. As with Roblox the only limitation in this game is the players imagination.


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