400,000 immigrants can be forced to leave the US Court Rules

The Trump administration will be terminating legal protections that have allowed people from water-torn countries, namely, El Salvador, Haiti,  to take shelter in the American soil.

The Trump administration has agreed to maintain them until at least March 5, 2021. for people for the five countries and until November 2021 for people from El Salvador.

The Trump administration has said the program inadvertently conferred permanent immigration status for hundreds of thousands of people, most of whom it said no longer needed safe haven.

The people with the “temporary protected status” who benefit from the program will be most affected by this decision.

The plaintiffs also argue that maintaining the program is important in the times of the pandemic as a majority of the essential workers are formed from the immigrants the administration plans to annihilate from the country.

There is a major disappointment regarding this judgment, and will, without doubt, face strong opposition, given the time of elections. The plaintiffs will most probably request for reconsideration of the decision by an 11-panel judge hearing or even take up the matter to the Supreme Court.

The Trump administration has been aggressive with its immigration policies, and this move will be just one of the many.


Will the democrats oppose this?

Well, that we have to wait and see, whether the dream team of Joe Biden and Kamala Harrison be able to dethrone the Trump Administration.

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