5G Mobile in India


The advancement of technology has led to the rise in data communication in terms of music, videos, online games, and other data-intensive services. Mobile manufacturers are left to catch up to the speeds as demanded by the users of the current generation. After 3G and 4G, India might see brand offerings in the 5G category of mobile phones. 5G mobile phones transmit data, 40 times faster, and suffer shorter lag times than the current 4G standard, which means it allows one to download full-length movies in seconds.

5G cellular devices made it the way in 2019 with a few made available throughout the year. 2020 is turning to be the year of 5G phones and is completely affordable.

The implications of 5G are far more beyond just browsing speed and downloads, making the internet more reliable and ready for prime time applications like mixed reality and edge computing.

There are a lot of 5G mobile launches in India priced pretty decent.

Starting with the Oneplus 8 pro which was announced in an online event, is a 5G mobile launching in India in May 2020, priced a little more than 50,000/- with an Octa-core processor and 8GB RAM.

Xiaomi Mi 10 is a Mi 5G mobile launch in India on 25th May 2020, with an expected price of 41,090/-

Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro and Realme X50 5G are 5G phones launching on the 11th of June and 29th May,2020. Priced at 32,290/- and 25,790/-

Samsung Galaxy S20 is also a 5G mobile launch expected on 15th May 2020, expected priced at 74,999/- with a 12GB RAM.

Other than the 5G mobiles launched in 2020, there are a few that broke records in 2019. One of them is OnePlus 7 which is also a 5G mobile launched on 14th May 2019, priced at 32,999/-

Some of the best 5G Mobiles to be purchased are :

1. One plus 7 Pro- rapid hardware and excellent OxygenOS software.

2. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra- hyper premium internal hardware with Android 10.

3. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 – 6GB RAM and fantastically low price with a strong internal hardware spec.

4. Samsung Galaxy S10 – stunning fit and finish, packed with power and Android 9.0.

5. Samsung Galaxy A90- 5G at a mid-range price with strong internal hardware spec.

5g Mobile launch in India

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