During the death, racking India has been locked down from 22 March and is still extending the restrictions imposed on the people .the previous lockdown was to be ended on 15 April which was further extended to 3rd of May and is again being postponed to another two weeks .while several workers were restricted into several states and were unable to go back to their homes protested in Maharashtra, an economic capital. the government has hence announced that special trains will be boarded by the workers who wan to reach home from Nashik railway station to take “SHRAMIK SPECIAL TRAIN” to Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, and Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

6 special trains have been started for the workers to travel to their cities from Kerala and Maharashtra .the state government will be charged for ferrying standard people including migrants, students, a tourist in special trains back to their native places.

The SHRAMIK SPECIAL TRAIN will leave on Friday for Bhubaneswar and around 1,140 migrant laborers will be boarding the special train, the food and water will be bought by the train authorities prioritizing the rules of social distancing and hygiene.

the lockdown was further extended for 2 weeks after the 4th  of may and movement for all essential activities are banned from 7 pm to 7 am across the nation .the government has also divided several affected parts of the nation into several zones. that includes the red zone, the green zone, and the orange zone.

people in the mass gathering had protested against the state government several days back demanding to go back to their respective states in lack of food and living arrangements in Maharashtra and after resolving the protest the government has assured the workers for their safe returning .the Central has given a series of relaxation in the green and orange zones. the lockdown 3.0 is aimed at the third phase of restriction to ensure no outbreak of coronavirus misses out. India has been successful in recovering from the deadly virus and minimizing it’s spread at nationwide as compared to all other nations and speedy recoveries. the extended lockdown will also ensure the safety of citizens as no permanent cure has been invented yet.