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Fall Guys Hacks: fly, speed or teleport

Fall Guys Hack
Fall Guys Hack: Image credits Steam

Fall Guys Hacks

This is going to be an article on Fall Guys Hacks. Where we are going to take a look at the game. A game that’s become widespread and well-known. Which has consequently, became huge among many fans.

Next, we are going to look at it’s background information. This information is going to include its developers and what might of led to this particular game’s development. As it has been said to have been inspired by other games that helped create it.

Finally, we will also examine some of the hacks that have been found for this game.  This is going to include several cheats such as: flying, teleporting and speed. Finally, we can look at what the developers and many consumers are saying regarding these cheats.

Fall Guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate knockout was officially announced at E3 in June 2019 and accordingly therefore released on August 4, 2020. It is available on the following systems:

– Microsoft Windows
– PlayStation 4

The game was reportedly inspired by several game shows that include some of the following:

– Takeshi’s Castle
– It’s a Knockout
– Total Wipeout

Fall Guys Hack


The Fall Guys: Ultimate knockout is a platform we battle royale game that was developed by Mediatonic.

Mediatonic Limited was founded September 2005 and is a developer based out of London. It is a British video game developer and its founders were Brunel University students including: Dave Bailey and Paul Croft.

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Devolver Digital

Developer Digital Inc.—Founded June 2009 being based out of Austin, Texas. It is an American video game publisher. They specialize in publishing indie games. It was founded by several people including: Mike Wilson, Rick Stults and Harry Miller. Furthermore it was also founded alongside several other business partners that included: Nigel Lowrie as well as Graeme Struthers.


Players in this game are represented as jellybean-like figures. In addition to being jellybean figures they also work and move around in a three-dimensional playing field. The game also as equally important allows up to 60 players who are able to compete in matches with battles in a royale-style gameplay.

Finally, the aim is to make it to the next round. This takes place after a player is able to successfully complete random mini-games. Some of the mini-games involve things like: running towards a finish line that’s located at the end of a map.


Being a huge success, Bubblegum battle royale Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout can be seen to have well over 2 million fans enjoying it on Steam alone —

Fall Guys Hacks

Hacks and cheats for Fall Guys

Additionally, there are reports of software programs that have been made available for the game. Though, there are also reports indicating warnings of using these software programs as they may not be legit.

Moreover, there appears to also be many wide-spread concerns and statements issued that cheating is not allowed.

In addition to many reports surfacing to indicate that the owners of the game are cracking down on cheating they also seem to be banning users that are suspected of cheating from the game.

Finally, they are requesting you report it if you suspect or know of someone using hacks or cheats in the game.

Several hacks that have surfaced which include some of the following:

– Speed Hack
– Flying Hack
– Teleport Cheat
– No collision cheat

The hacks that are are allowing players to fly, teleport or run and are free for people to download.

Some of the hacks have been made readily available for others to witness as they have been uploaded to numerous sites including YouTube and Reddit. Some of the videos showing these hacks are listed below:

Speed Hack

The speedhack seems to be uploaded by several users of the game which is allowing users of this hack to outrun all the other players. While some that appear to be using this hack are bursting through the map while many other players are still stumbling to move around. Below is a video with more information on it.

Flying Hack

The flying back also appears to be getting utilized as some players have been witnessed to be soaring and flying over numerous obstacles to compete and win, while other players are witnessing it and issuing complaints of these players “cheating”. Below is a video with more information on it.

Teleport Hack

In addition to the flying and speed hacks, there is also reportedly a Teleport Hack. This hack is allowing users and players to teleport from one location to another in the game. Below is a video with more information on it.

Hacker teleports to the end to win from FallGuys

No Collision Cheat

Finally, there are also claims that state there is an ability to be able to cheat. This is a cheat where the player will never get stunned or knocked down with a ‘No Stun’ cheat, or as well as a ‘No Collision’ feature.

Developer Response

Moreover, there are reports of Fall Guys cheats and the utilization of hacks has become a popular and widespread issue that’s consequently been a topic discussed and addressed on platforms such as YouTube and Redditt.

In addition to the reports that have surfaced indicating that Mediatonic has been made aware of the issues they have also stated that they have already worked to address this issue and have also reassured some of the fan base that they were on top of the issue.

Finally, they have reportedly stated that using cheats is not going to be allowed, and have issued warnings that you can get banned from playing the game if you are caught using cheats.

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