A New Nintendo Switch Console Is Arriving Soon

Is there a new Nintendo Switch console coming out?

Rumors concerning a new Nintendo Switch console are flying across the internet and onto social media and image boards everywhere. The popular hybrid console might be getting another foot in the door for customers as a fifth generation competition console for Sony and Microsoft. It’s a good thing for Nintendo, because with 4k games on the rise, the beloved little Switch won’t be able to handle it for much longer. It’s unlikely that this Switch will deliver things like 8k gaming or ray tracing. However, a more powerful version of the portable gaming system would allow Nintendo to rightfully compete with the other two gamer giants in the club.

Additionally, it would cause Nintendo to gain a most secure foothold in the portable gaming scene, as no other portable system would even come close to it. According to multiple reports and fan speculation, the Switch may take on some interesting features, like dual screen support.

Despite the fact that there has not been a listed price for a new Nintendo Switch, fans estimate that it will cost more than the $299 model. Considering the fact that a Switch “downgrade” chopped off $100 from the Switch model price, an “upgrade” of sorts would more than likely add $100 to the current cost we know. The question many have though, is if this upgrade would be worth it.

While Nintendo has not yet confirmed a new Nintendo Switch console, the rumors grow denser by the day. According to Nintendo Switch News the new Nintendo Switch could feature a new Joycon design and patent. A follow up report says that Nintendo Switch developers have been asked to prepare games to be made or translated to 4k design. This report could all but confirm the reality of a Switch model that renders in 4k. Another rumor stands to say that the new Nintendo Switch model could be arriving as early as 2021, according to a Bloomburg report.

New Nintendo Switch Rumors

New Nintendo switch concept art

Nintendo itself stated this recent January that they exclusively would not be releasing any new Nintendo Switch consoles during 2020. If they are to be believed, this means that any new Nintendo Switch would be arriving in 2021 or later. However, this does not stop a new Nintendo Switch from possibly arriving in early 2021.

A Taipe-based report from Economic Daily News cites that The Edge Markets reports that a new version of Nintendo’s hybrid could arrive very early in 2021. Shortly after this report, the Bloomberg report made itself known to the world. This is very likely to not be a coincidence. Additionally, a launch in 2021 would coincide with the Switch’s four year anniversary. In 2017 the first Nintendo Switch was launched. In 2019, the Switch was upgraded to have a better battery. Then later that year the Switch Lite was announced for 2019. A 2021 new Switch date is not only possible, but quite likely.

Many have wondered what the new Nintendo Switch console specs will be like. Some suggest that it will only be a modest edition to the console, just as the lite was a modest downgrade from the current model. Others suggest that the new Nintendo Switch will be upgraded to fifth generation console quality. Posts on the site 4chan also predict that the console will be no longer portable, and have graphics similar to the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

However, on Clien there are forum posts that suggest that the next Nintendo Switch may remain a modest leap rather than taking it to the next generation.

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Is it worth buying a Switch in 2020?


A Nintendo Switch, despite the rumors of a new Nintendo Switch releasing in 2021, is still a worthy investment. The fiscally responsible note its lower price in comparison to other consoles on the market. Additionally, users can make an even more financially stable purchase by purchasing a Nintendo Switch Lite. Other products releasing this next year, such as the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X, will no doubt sell for $500 or more. Additionally, paid subscriptions for online use are far lower in the Switches’ case than in an Xbox or a PlayStation. For Nintendo Switch online, you need only pay $20 a year for all your online content, whereas in PS4 or Xbox One, the yearly subscription is $60 a year.

Another element that makes the Nintendo Switch astoundingly worth it is the portability aspect. While there are rumors that state the portability function might be removed in the future for the new Nintendo Switch, rumors simply remain as unconfirmed rumors. The portability combined with the power of an average console makes the Nintendo Switch the best of both worlds. No longer will portability truly compromise on the kind of game you play.

Where can I buy a Nintendo switch right now?


As the pandemic continues to strike the world, many people while in forced quarantine, turned to games to ease their boredom. Due to this, the Nintendo Switch has been sold out nearly everywhere. Now that we are in the tail end of 2020, many people may want to purchase a Switch for themselves. Here are all the locations so far where we know you can purchase one for yourself or your family.

  • Amazon
  • QVC
  • GameStop
  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • Amazon
  • B&H Photo
  • Adorama
  • B&H Photo
  • Dell
  • PC Richard & Son
  • Newegg
  • HSN

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Should I wait for Switch Pro?

Waiting or not waiting on the new Nintendo Switch console can be a tough decision. While the original Nintendo Switch is not cheap by any standards, it can be daunting to know that your system may get outclassed only months after you bought it. However, overwhelming rumors indicate the new Switch’s perhaps-expensive price-tag.

From here, it comes down to preferences. Are you willing to pay more for graphics and also have the patience to wait for Nintendo to release their next console, or would you rather have one now, that might save you money?

What do you think of the potential Nintendo Switch 2? What do you think will be the title for this new bunch of hardware in 2021? Comment below to tell us!