‘Adele Beyonce’ sisterhood on Instagram to celebrate “Black is King”

Singer and Song-writer Adele recently posted a picture showing her support for Beyonce’s recent album, ‘Black is King’. In the picture Adele was pointing towards her television which displayed a scene from ‘Black is King’. In addition, Adele did not forget to wear a top matching with  the Album star’s outfit.

The ‘Adele-Beyonce’ sisterhood goes way back. Also Adele has always been a huge fan of the 24 times Grammy winner since years. For instance, in the year 2017 Adele won the Grammy for ‘Album of the Year’. In her speech of gratitude she praised Beyonce for her album, ‘Lemonade’. Adele said, “I’m very humbled and very grateful and gracious but my life is Beyonce”. On another instance, Adele mentioned, “I was about to meet Beyonce and I had a full-blown heart attack”. In short, the ‘Hello’, singer has always ‘fan-girled’ over Beyonce.

“Black is King” is inspired by “The Lion King ” on Dinsy+. the Album released on 31 July 2020.

Beyonce's new Visual Album
Beyonce released her new Musical Visual Album, ‘Black is King’

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Adele stole hearts with her blonde curls in her post. The singer looked totally unrecognizable. The weight loss and new hair do has given her a complete make over. Adele lost somewhere around 45 Kg. The singer showed her dramatic weight loss on her 32nd birthday. In her new Instagram upload she flaunts her new shape while celebrating Beyonce’s new album.

The secret behind Adele’s  new fitness is due to a strict exercise regime. She has been training under celebrity fitness trainer to get into her new shape.

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