SpaceX Water Landing | NASA Astronauts to land in Mexican Gulf

Two months ago, NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley landed at the International Space Station.  SpaceX commuted the flight into the space station. The Dragon Space capsule is now all set to make a return. The SpaceX craft will make a water landing in the Mexican Gulf. The astronauts informed that the landing was really smooth.

SpaceX water landing, - A historic touchdown
The Dragon Space Capsule by SapaceX docked off the International space station and to make a water landing in the Gulf of Mexico

Both the scientist boarded the spacecraft on Saturday. The time of the space craft leaving the station was 7:35 p.m. eastern time. Meanwhile, the space station was 267 miles above Johannesburg. Chris Cassidy, NASA astronaut and the chief commander of  the space station wished the astronauts good luck.

Also, any private organisation facilitated a trip to the International Space Station for the first time. This trip to the space by SpaceX strengthened the hope of commercial visit to the space for purposes such as sight seeing, corporate projects, etc. NASA will telecast the entire water landing on its television channel.  When asked about their experience in the space station, the astronauts said that they were mostly sleeping. The sleep time was a part of their schedule and was very necessary for their body for the landing. The astronauts thanked SpaceX for the facilitation of the trip and hope for a safe water landing.

The space capsule will make a landing near the Pensacola in the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile the space craft makes a landing in the Mexican Gulf, Hurricane Isaias will make a landfall on the east coast of Florida. Besides the Hurricane, the high temperature due to friction as the space capsule enters the atmosphere will make the water landing risky. The space capsule will be let onto water gently with the help of parachutes.

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