Jamie Samuelsen died battling cancer at the age of 48

Sports radio figure, Jamie Samuelsen died on 2 August  2020 at the age of 48. He closed his eyes after battling cancer. Jamie Samuelsen was suffering from cancer in his colon since past 19 months. Jamie kept his condition private until last week. Last week Jamie shared the news of his cancer with the whole world.

Jamie Samuelsen gave up to cancer at the age of 48
Jamie Samuelsen did not reveal the news of his cancer until a week ago to protect his children.

On Monday Jamie opened up to the press about his cancer. He mentioned he was mum on the matter to protect his children. He married to Christy McDonald who also happens to be a media personality. Together they had three children, Caroline, Josh and Catherine. Caroline, Josh and Catherine are 16 years old, 14 years old and 11 years old respectively. Jamie has been a known sports media personality for more than 20 years. He made the news of his cancer public in a show called ‘The Jamie and Stoney’ show. According to him, telling his children about the deadly condition of his, has so far been the most difficult part. He said,

“the most emotional moments for me, throughout the entire thing, have been the reality of family”.

Bob Wojnowski, co- worker of Jamie Samuelsen, announced the news of his death on Twitter. Wojnowski declared the news of Jamie Samuelsen’s death from cancer on behalf of his family. After the news of his death was on twitter, co-workers and colleagues flooded Twitter. They expressed their heart felt sorrow and grief through their tweets. Michael Stone, Vincent Ellis, Chris Solaris,Jeff Seidel were some of the many personalities who took over to Twitter to convey their condolences.

Samuelsen grew up in Northern California. He began the journey of his career in the Sports media in Chicago during the mid 1990s. He completed his graduation from the Northwestern university.

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