Advantages of yoga in Human Life

Yoga is a way of living that maintains the balance between body, mind, and soul. It helps you to develop a peaceful body and mind; it helps you to manage anxiety, stress, problems, worries and keeps your mind relaxing. Yogic exercises lead a spiritual path and recharge the body with energy. It is suitable for all people whether they are old or younger. You should be included yoga in our daily life because it gives us discipline, perseverance, positive thinking as well as self- knowledge. It also helps you make your body flexible and weight reduce, muscle strength, and improves respiration.

Here are some benefits of yoga-

Build Muscle Strength

Yoga does not only make you more flexible and reduce weight, but it also builds muscle strength. when you start with poses like pushups and half handstand, you can improve bone density, improve sleep, boost your metabolism. Your mind will develop too. It also protects us from the condition of back pain and arthritis.

You can make your body flexible.

Yoga improved flexibility is the most obvious benefit. To increase flexibility in your body, you start with 10 minutes stretching a day. When you can’t touch your toes. Don’t worry, impossible poses become possible gradually. For the flexible body, you can try Standing Forward Fold(Uttanasana), Warrior (Virabhadrasana), Cat-Cow Pose(Marjaryasana-Bitilasana), Copra Pose, Bow pose, King Dancer Pose(Natarajasana), etc.

Make your bone health

Several postures in yoga Like Downward and Upward-Facing Dog helps in making your arm bone strength. Yoga in daily increased your bone density and keep calcium in the bones. The key poses like Vrksasana, Trikonasana(Triangle pose ), Setu Bandhasana( Bridge Pose), Supta Padangustasana(Reclining Hand –to- big- toe pose), Savasana improve bone density in the spines.

Improves your Balance

Yoga improves our balance and helps us to focus on our ability. Balance is a learned skill. If our mind is distracted by some circumstances, yoga calms our mind. Standing yoga and Tree pose is better to improve our balance.

Balance Blood Pressure

Today’s life full of hustle and bustle. High blood, obesity, and stress are common in people. About 50% of people have a high blood pressure problem. So, it is important to make a healthy lifestyle which can make our blood pressure down. Regular exercise, and eating healthy meals is a key way to control blood pressure, and reduce stress. Many doctors recommend yoga to keep blood pressure normal.

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