Self-Driving Cars, Worth the Effort?

The march towards a self-driving car, led by Tesla, has steadily made progress over the last couple of years. Despite that there are strong arguments against a 100% self-driving car. The two strongest arguments are the possibility of a glitch in the system. Or a possible cyber-attack on the car’s computer. Though there is as yet no recorded cyber-attack on a cars computer that is likely to change the future. On the other hand, Tesla’s own data shows numerous instances where glitches have led to accidents with their self-driving cars.

Self driving cars are still the future ?

Though these cars of the present and potentially the future have good and constantly improving programs. They are still prone the occasional glitch. All software is prone to glitches which is why regular updates are usually provided or resets performed to correct them. However, there is a difference between having to update or restart a smart phone because it glitched out and several tons of moving vehicle. The most obvious one being when a smart phone has a glitch it doesn’t potentially lead to lethal consequences.

5G mobile technology in India..

Though there are many who think it is impossible. There is a very real possibility a cars computer can be hijacked by a hacker. Most modern cars operate with a single computer networked into all the electronics on board. This includes the newer cars that have Wi-Fi hotspots built directly to their electronic infrastructure. This infrastructure will become more refined and vital to self-driving cars. And as time progresses and a more tempting target for hackers. While some might be refined and only try to attack the personal electronic interface. The system, others might decide to be more destructive and mess with the navigation system.

Still the best technology is yet to come :

While it is true human drivers can occasionally, for variety of reasons, cause accidents in these cars are no substitute for human oversight. Even Tesla highly recommends that a driver never take their hands off the steering wheel, especially since many of the accidents involving their self-driving cars occur for that reason. However as self-driving cars technology continues to advance more of the computer system will likely be integrated into the cards network. This means that potentially some glitches or a cyber-attack will not be overcome by the standard safety features Tesla builds into their systems.

A possible solution is a manual disconnect built into the dashboard. Ostensibly a system that would deactivate the primary computer and electronics connected to it and engaged a secondary computer allowing the driver to take manual control the car. Another possible danger for self-driving cars with safety features is drivers becoming too dependent on the self-driving features. The dryer may not be able to react in time should a critical failure occur in the system. The biggest concern comes with what accidents could occur if a self-driving car goes haywire on the streets without any a human to retake control.

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