Several people of American citizenship have been residing in America and as the situation in Afghanistan has been fluctuating, people are paying price . An American contractor in Afghanistan was captured . Navy also raided the villages and captured people linked with the Taliban organization. The operation was led by multiple American officers.

Reportedly intelligence believes that Frerichs , 57 is a veteran of Lombard was kept in Khost, an eastern province along the border of Pakistan which is a mountain region known as a heaven for Talibani organization .The U.S has also signed a peace treaty with the Talibani and has urged Afghanistan to release the Talibani prisoners arguing that they were at the risk of spreading coronavirus.

The political violence and struggle in Kabul have caused a threat to the peace treaty between America and Talibani. The state secretary Mike Pompeo has also submitted to the feud and rivalry between president Ashraf Ghani and political leader Dr. Abdullah that has caused a continuous fight between the two supporters, while America has promised a$ 1┬ámillion for aid in Afghanistan. Frerichs’s brother and fathers are supporting the trump government as they believe that “America doesn’t believe in leaving people behind“. The state security department stated that America would continue to push for safe returns of its citizens.

While the officials claimed that Frerich was not an American contractor but working on commercial projects for the government. Although no official’s demands have been made by the capturer the U.S intelligence officers believe Frerich was captured by members of the Haqqani network which is a militant group in regard to the Talibani group . While the Taliban leader has not acknowledged the kidnapping of Frerich. The members of the elite naval special warfare group known as a SEAL have involved the search operation while claims have been made that Frerich has been moved to Quetta, Pakistan which is also a base for the Taliban .

America claims to have been making all possible requirements in order to securely bringing back all American citizens.

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