After Boards, NEET is stressing students


National Testing Agency has postponed NEET-2020 from May 3 to July 26 thanks to coronavirus outbreak. After Boards, NEET is stressing students.

NEET 2020 Uncertainty arises stress in aspirants

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown has brought all the working sector to halt and now all the people are locked down in their homes. This ends up in the closure of all the tutorial institutions. Hence, only option left for conducting classes is that the online platform.
It is now shifted to July 26 as per a recent announcement by HRD Minister Ramesh Nishank Pokhriyal on a Twitter interaction.
NEET comes under one in all the toughest medical college entrance exams in India that happens yearly. Students preparing for NEET spend almost two years to secure a decent rank within the exam.

Many students are visiting give NEET exam. Hence, they’re very stressed and worried straight away regarding their future. thanks to this Coronavirus outbreak, there aren’t any school or coaching centres that are open during this lockdown, and also the only option students are left with is online classes for NEET Preparation. After boards, NEET is stressing students.
Many teachers are taking online classes to form sure that students complete their courses and prepare well for exams. this can be not enough for the scholars to relax. they’re still under lots of pressure for the foremost important exam of their lives.

A little nervousness is nice for the exam because it pushes you to figure hard in exams but if you’re feeling stress excessively that has consequences on your performance is problematic.

Negative causes of Exam Anxiety

In managing the strain students often keep themselves awake the entire night which affects their efficiency. All the scholars are having exam anxiety thanks to following reasons:

  • Uncertainty about exam date
  • No access to coaching
  • Performance pressure
  • Parental expectation
  • Uncertainty of their future
  • Excessive load of competitiveness as everyone is trying to make use of this lockdown time fruitfully

Definition of Exam anxiety

Exam anxiety is that the pressure experienced before or during an examination by the scholars. This anxiety is caused thanks to the pressure that students feel on themselves about their performance within the exam. It’s a psychological condition during which students feel extremely pressurized and anxious during exams which affects their performance.

However, a bit little bit of nervousness is useful to keep you alert during exams and cause you to feel concentrated during exams and it’s even worth being concerned for a few time.
But excessive fear and stress can make it difficult for you to concentrate during exams. you’ll even go blank while writing your paper and you’ll do wrong in those questions that were noticeably easy for you. This inability in answering easy questions can cause you to feel more uncomfortable. This ends up in stress during the examination which makes it very difficult for you to focus on the exam.

Tips on the way to prevent exam anxiety while preparing for NEET during the lockdown:

  • Keep your preparation complete

Make sure you are 100 % confident about your preparation. If there persists any doubts regarding your preparations, dont postpone it for latter. There shouldn’t be regrets of procrastination later. After completing the course revise your course, again and again, to be more confident about your preparation.

  • Manage a calendar

At now, being on a calendar is incredibly much important. Your daily routine with proper timings should be prepared. Students have to understand that this lockdown is the simplest if they will use for his or her own good.
This time is that the best buffer period as they will start preparing for his or her exam from scratch. It’s the simplest thanks to revise your course thoroughly. they must prove the statement, “After boards, NEET is stressing students” by their preparation. they must use now efficiently. Get yourself enough sleep and provides enough healthy diet. this can facilitate your to concentrate more efficiently and can sharpen your memory before the exam.

  • Avoid distractions

Cell phones are one in all the largest distractions. attempt to limit some time of using it or avoid it during exam times. Just delete all the apps that are time-wasting and keep your concentration only on your studies straight away. Avoid disturbances and distractions occurred in your home. end up a quiet place for better concentration.

  • Avoid negative thoughts

Before giving the exam and also after post-examination there shouldn’t be any reasonably negative thoughts in your mind.Thoughts like “I’m not ok to crack it” or “I’m not prepared” are self-doubting thoughts that are available our mind while we are preparing for the exam.
Just push these thoughts away and stop doubting your worth. Keep positive thoughts in your mind like “I will try my best to try to to this” or “I’m prepared well” this could take you far in helping to manage stress and anxiety.

NEET preparation tips

  • As we are taking online sources for studying, rummage around for different authentic sites for authentic study materials and books. These websites of various institutions like BYJU, Meritnation, Extramarks and plenty of more can facilitate your in various lectures on particular topics. you’ll also seek for mock test papers or previous years’ question papers for solving them for your practice.
  • Whenever you’re attending a web class don’t forget to possess a study apparatus for taking notes. Write down every vital point that has been told within the lecture. Taking notes is incredibly good because it makes it easier for you to recollect the important information that you just will have to retain. you’ll also record your lectures and watch it later if you miss out on any information.
  • Online studies sound easy but provided that you are doing full justice. you would like to line some boundaries for yourself and should be serious about your studies and classes. Treat your online classes sort of a job. Make a study plan and continue it 95% of the time.

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