Lazypay , What happens if I don’t pay back Lazypay ?


In the world of digital shopping there are many options for payment. It’s possible to pay directly using a credit card or debit card. This option exposes the cardholder to potential reach of their bank accounts. The most likely outcome being the loss goal their finances or high charges cards. There are those find this possibility unsettling and for them is another option. That option is to use an online credit payment platform. Many such programs but the up-and-coming one in India is Lazypay.

What is lazypay

Lazypay is an online credit payment app. What this means is you can use it to make purchases. It works similar to a credit card, credit back later. When making an online purchase select Lazypay payment option. It’s at this point that one of the features that make Lazypay so popular is revealed. The only thing they will ask you for is your mobile phone number. They won’t ask about your credit card, debit card, or other credit information. Though just text you go one time use password (OTP). Just input the OTP into the prompted section of the payment option and tap enter. The payment is finished and the transaction completed.

Another reason for Lazypay popularity is the fact that it is time to PayU a leading and trusted financial service provider. PayU has made a name for itself insecurity and ease of transactions. it has done everything possible to ensure that reputation is continued in Lazypay. Another advantage to using that are popular include stacking payment bills. Users are also able to eventually reach a credit limit of RS 100,000. Lazypay also provides paperless loans of up to one Lac. Which means you don’t need visit a bank to get a travel, medical, wedding, or any loan. All these features and advantages are why Lazypay is the most trusted by now pay later credit app in India.


Lazypay does require document use the app. It requires a photo ID and proof of address. Bank information to confirm you have the ability to pay the credit. Also, the app requires a selfie to confirm that the photo ID is valid. Lazypay also additional requirements to use the app. A user has to be between 22 and 25 years of age. The app user has to also be a legal resident of India. Lazypay users have to be a resident of either a tier 1 or tier 2 city. The final requirement is that the user has be salaried

What Will Happen If I Don’t Pay Lazypay back?

Realty: Nothing will happen, they would block your account and just call you for 3 to 4 months to payback the outstanding amount then stop calling also after that. So no legal action is going to happen for smaller amounts under 2k (feel free to loot the deal if you are eligible).

Formal Guidelines: Lazypay users have 15 days to pay back any successfully transaction. It is possible to extend the time limit up to two months. The full amount has to be repaid within the allotted time. Just before and after the deadline user is informed that they need to pay. This notification is sent to the user by email and SMS. Lazypay will charge customers who don’t pay a late fee. This late fee consists of R10 a day until full payment is made. Full payments being the original credit charge plus the total late fee. In the event that a user defaults on a payment they will be blocked from using the app. What this means is their account will be canceled. In addition, they will not be allowed to create a new one. This is stricter than most banks but also more effective at ensuring payment.

How to Delete Lazypay Account

Deleting a Lazypay account is not easy. Apart from default team on payments. That would result in a permanent ban on the app. There is no delete function specifically on the app. If the user wishes to simply close their account, they need to contact customer care. Confirmed with a representative that you wish to close the account. Once all outstanding bills have been paid the account will be closed and all information to.

Ways to use Lazypay

Lazypay can be used in one of three ways at numerous locations and on various apps. Some of these locations also unique offers great individual to use Lazypay. The first method is direct pay. Simply go to the desired website or app choose your items and checkout. In the checkout phase look for and select Lazypay. After you follow the instructions for confirming payment option confirm purchase and you’re done.

Lazypay as a scan anywhere feature as the second payment option. Simply open the app select the scan and pay tab. Then scan the stores BHIM QR code. After that simply enter the amount you wish to pay. The final step is to choose the repayment option. Once the steps are completed transactions is confirmed the purchases is done.

The final pay option is to use vouchers. First choose an online store such as Amazon or Home Center. Then you can activate a voucher plan. Each plan has a specific amount of time they used for. After that time expires so does the voucher. Once the vouchers been activated simply acquire the code then go to the online store. When you check out the store simply entered voucher code.

Where Can I Use Lazypay

Lazypay can be used at many different locations. Some of the top locations include Ridlr, Mojo Pizza, Vodafone, Quick Ride, Samsung, Sony, to name a few. Many of the businesses that allow the use of Lazypay also include special offers. Such as Med life which offers a Get 15% Cashback up to Rs. 100. Another would be TATA SKY who provide Flat Rs.100 cashback on your next TATA SKY Recharge (minimum of Rs. 399). Some of these offers are only available with special codes. Two prominent companies known to do this in connection with Lazypay are Swiggy and Zomato. Whether it’s an online purchase or Smart scan purchases chances are good that you be able to pay with Lazypay. This availability of use combined with the trusted and respected name of PayU have made it popular. Thus Lazypay is the number one app of its kind in Indian.

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