After Tiktok, US President Donald Trump mulls on banning Alibaba

US President is now aiming to ban more Chinese from the US. This time its now turn of Alibaba, an e-commerce app. This thing broke into news on Saturday night through a press meet. Also the US president has sent an executive order to parent company of Tiktok, ByteDance according to reports.

The development came after Trump issued an executive order on 14th August requiring ByteDance to divest its interest in Tiktok within span of 90 days. This order is an extended version of the previous order. In the previous order in was stated to divest in a span of 45 days. At this point of time US based app stores have stopped providing download for Tiktok.

Click here to watch a video Trump making this decision.

Decision on Tiktok

Many of the politicians have criticized Tiktok as a threat to the nation’s security. People have also claimed that the app also steals the data of its users and sell to earn money, according to reports. The idea of issuing executive order to these apps came after the Indian ministry banned 59 of the Chinese apps in June. Expanding the ban of these apps 47 more apps where banned in last month. The apps banned last month were clone apps of the apps banned previously.

Reports also say that not only Alibaba but many other Chinese companies like Tencent, DU, Kwai, ShareIt, Shein, etc have been sent a notice by the US Ministry.

It would now be interesting to see what ByteDance, parent compny of Tiktok does. Also we will have a close eye on what US ministry along with its president decides. The decision about the apps getting banned from the US as well.

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