Apple iPhone 12 could bring Google Pixel 4-like features

The upcoming Apple iPhone has been in news in recent days. This is because of new leaks everyday. Today also a new leak has been caught. The new Apple iPhone to have a Time of Flight (ToF) camera.

The leaks also suggest that the iPhone 12 will have Google Pixel 4 like features. One of which is the Time of Flight camera which will help the phone to capture 4x data compared to earlier phones. This will also enhance the Face ID technology patented by Apple itself.

Click here to watch a detailed video about the updates in camera of iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 Features

The next similar feature between iPhone 12 and Pixel 4 is that the air gestures. This feature employs Project Soli radar technology helping to capture still photos. This could also help Apple bring improved AR experience and better indoor navigation. There will be other uses also, with the technology also possibly being used to improve portrait shots by enhancing the blur effect in images clicked using the phone. But more interesting is the fact that the patent suggests this new hardware could “enable and usher in what’s known as in-air gesturing for the iPhone and in vehicles in the future.

The company has confirmed that the phone will launch on 12th of October. This news is for all the people those who are eagerly waiting for the phone to be launched. This year the company has postponed its launch by a month. This delay is due to the on going Pandemic situation.

The phone will be launch on 12th October. It will go on sale from 19th October. The people ordering the iPhone 12 Pro may have to wait till December as the production on the phone has no yet decided. The exact dates will be made public soon says Jon Prosser.

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