Akatsuki is among the players that were trapped in the MMORPG Elder Tale. Her actual name in the real world is Shizuka Hanekura. Her hair and eye color are purple. She was a college student from the Yamazaki Gakuen University before the Catastrophe occurred. Akatsuki comes from the main class of Assassin while her secondary class is Tracker.

Akatsuki, along with Shiroe and Naotsugu, collectively are the founding members of Log Horizon. She is a loyal ally of Shiroe, accordingly, he tags up with her on many quests. She became friends with Shiroe after they found themselves in the same party. The went on different quests before the Apocalypse. Inasmuch as she looks very young, she is actually older than her appearance. Moreover, she is also in college just like Shiroe. She began to address Shiroe as Lord and joined his party, though this was after Shiroe helped her.


Shizuka Hanekura popularly known as Akatsuki was a student at Yamazaki Gakuen University and lived at home. She was rather too small for her age and not good at talking. Consequently, she became shy and avoided company. Akatsuki is so small people erroneously assume she is far younger than her age. This made socializing with her age mates quite difficult.

he eventually found pleasure and comfort in the virtual world. So she began to play Elder Tale and her favorite character is a ninja called Akatsuki. Shizuka chose Akatsuki whose original avatar in the Elder Tale is an Assassin that has purple hair and eyes. A tall male, Akatsuki appears in a purple hooded shirt, with armor on his shoulder and forehead areas. He wears brown belted pants, alongside knee-high boots and a purple scarf around his neck.

Because she played as a male character, (a silent ninja), she declined voice chat and only played solo. However, she would party up only for a special quest. It was during one of these quests that she became friends with Shiroe. Shiroe on the other hand never knew she was a girl at that time.


Akatsuki was also playing the Elder Tale when the catastrophe occurred. She was likewise trapped like other players who were similarly logged unto the Elder Tale. Akatsuki found herself trapped in the fantasy world of Theldesia after the Catastrophe. She however realizes that her chosen avatar is a male assassin and playing that character would end up being a disaster. Besides, she was not willing to reveal her real sex as a female player due to fear of harassment. This forced her to hide in a deserted building pending her next action.

After about five days’ wait, Akatsuki eventually found Shiroe and Naotsugu who were passing around those parts. It then occurred to her that Shiroe possessed an Appearance Reset Potion. She gathered the necessary courage and stopped both men. They were certainly shocked when she asked for the potion but granted her request.

With the Appearance Reset Potion, Akatsuki was able to change both her gender and size. She currently appears as a smallish female Assassin with purple eyes and a long ponytail.

After help from Shiroe, they become friends. Shiroe advised that Akatsuki join them, a request she gladly agreed to. As a mark of gratitude, she addressed Shiroe as Lord and began to treat him like one. It is over time that we come to understand that the supposed respect went beyond a lord and servant relationship. She was actually infatuated with Shiroe.


As soon as Akatsuki was able to change both her gender and size. she was able to socialize and make friends. She has the following affiliations:

  • Log Horizon
  • Akiba Raid Party
  • Shibuya Raid Team
  • Akiba Guild Hall Raid


She possesses three main builds and they are as follows: Shadow Blade (this involves sneak attacks and burst damage), Sniper ( makes use of long-range attacks), and Sword Dancer (it requires dual-wielders and it inflicts steady damage).

  • Accel Fang – This is a blow that cuts an enemy open while running through them.
  • Assassinate– It is Assassin’s most important skill. In comparison to the other weapon attacking classes, it has the strongest ability to cause instant and heavy damage. It has the potential of instantly killing enemies whose levels are far lower than that of the Assassin.
  • Death Stinge – This is a special ability laced with poison that destroys the enemy.
  • Extermination–  It involves the use of large, heavy weapons like longswords or scythes. It delivers a single deadly blow to the neck of the enemy which will certainly kill.
  • Rapid Shot– This delivers rapid-fire unceasingly.
  • Silent Sniper– With this skill, you can silently mark an enemy without them noticing.
  • Venom Strike– Laces your weapons with deadly poison. This increases its impact by making it more deadly.
  • Trinket Walk– Confuses the enemy with unclear movements.
  • Shake Off– It creates a smokescreen that totally blocks the enemy’s sight momentarily.

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