Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ wealth saw a $13 billion increase

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ wealth saw a $13 billion increase in single day, the biggest jump recorded since 2012. This sudden surgeon in wealth is due to the fact that on Monday Amazons saw an increase to it shares. Specifically, the company’s total shares on the stock market jumped 7.9% in valve. Additionally, this is the largest jump in stock worth for the company since 2018. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now so wealthy many large brand corporations. Specifically, his approximately $189 billion net worth is greater than the total balance of companies like Exxon Mobil Corp. Several have suggested the reason for the sudden rise in Amazon stock is due to growing confidence in online shop. Also, the coronavirus pandemic is playing a major in the continuous Amazons stock percentage.



Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos net worth was not the only ones increase as a result of Amazons market share increase. Specifically, his ex-wife Mackenzie Bezos saw an increase in wealth on Monday. Mackenzie still owns market shares in Amazon corporation, we know that her net worth increased by $4.6 billion. As a result, she is now the 13 richest persons in the world. Amazon has been doing very well over the last six months with its total shares haven reason a total of 73%.

The primary factor in this success has been the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Many people around the world forced to stay home and also the stimulus efforts banks and governments have undertaken. People at home with nothing to do and cash to spend they go to Amazon. To be fair, this was already a trend that was beginning see an increase. More people prefer to order their items on Amazon or other online markets rather than go to the mall. In fact, several companies like Macy’s were beginning to go out of business results. The coronavirus pandemic has only increased an already existing decline. Though Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is definitely reaping the rewards of his company’s success in this economic downturn.

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