Trump appears willing to work with China on covid-19 vaccine “if it gets good results”. The president said this during the interview on Tuesday, July 21, 2020. To be precise, Trump didn’t say willing to work with China specific. Though the question asked of him was specific China his response was noncommittal. Specifically, he said “where willing to work with anybody … to get us a good result”. This question and comment came after China announced Monday, July 21, 2020 they had developed a vaccine. The Chinese researchers who developed the vaccine stated it appeared safe and triggered an immune response in most subjects.



Trump appears willing

Trump appearing willing to work with China have several possible meanings. The first is that Trump is trying to keep his options open. The president is quite competent in the American vaccine, read The First Coronavirus Vaccine Tested in US to see more.  However, it still has to pass final trials before it can be distributed to the public. This means that the American vaccine could still fail. In that instance the United States will have to seek vaccine developed by other countries. This is why Trump is willing to potentially work with China if its vaccine has good results. That being said, Trump has other options before he has to work China. Specifically, several European countries including Germany, England, and Sweden to name a few that have vaccine on the way.

The second Trump appears willing to work with China is as a political misdirect. If Trump appears willing to work with China, he could lull them into making a decision beneficial for the US. At the very least, it will keep China guessing as they try to figure out why Trump has reversed his stand.  Trump blames China for mishandling the coronavirus pandemic and has implemented several policies against China. The result has been a growing trade war between the United States and China. Additionally, diplomatic relations between break steadily for the last few months. Whichever possibility it is Trump appears willing to work with China is surprising, to say the least.