Apple commits to make products supply chain carbon neutral

Apple commits to make products supply chain carbon neutral by 2030. The corporate tech giant laid out plans to become carbon neutrality on Tuesday July 21, 2020. Apple has already committed to making their global corporate operations carbon, which they have already accomplished. Now Apple commits the even greater challenge of a carbon neutral supply chain not to mention product lifespan. Apple plans to cheat their carbon neutral goal include user specific materials, technological innovations, and 100% renewable usage. Apple commits in this undertake to be carbon neutral by 2030 is quite ambitious. That being said, Apple’s plan is more feasible certain another environment plan that have recently been announced.



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As Apple commits to making its product supply chain carbon neutral the company has laid out various objects. As stated by Apples timeline they hope to achieve all of the objects by some point in 2030. The first of these objectives they wish to achieve is a reduction in their carbon emissions. Specifically, they wish to reduce the total carbon emissions their supply chain creates by 75%. If they’ve achieved this by 2030, they will reduce the remaining 25% through the development of new carbon removal solution. In other words, they hope to develop technology that can capture and store carbon like a tree.

Another objective Apple commits to achieving by 2030 increase in low carbon and recycled materials. The company already uses such materials in several of their products. It is now their intention to expand this practice to all their products. Apple commits additionally to reducing its nonrenewable energy usage and to use only renewable energy by 2030. It intense to achieve this by using corporate built testbeds for various renewable energy sources. Additionally, corporate buildings also serve as testing grounds for ways to reduce energy consumption. Once Apple has found viable options in these two areas plans to integrate their manufacturing facilities. The Apple commits to reducing carbon footprint supply chain they set a high goal. That being said, if any company can meet that commitment it will be Apple.

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