Nokia 5G network for industrial clients launches

Nokia 5G network for industrial clients launches Tuesday, July 21, 2020. The Finnish telecommunications and information technology giant announced its specially designed 5G network for industrial use. Nokia 5G network is specifically designed for industrial client so they no longer have to on external communication. specifically, a company that uses a Nokia network will not have to use existing phone lines or a wireless company. Additionally, companies will not worry about slow data transfer time on a shared network. They have achieved all this and more with its standalone industrial 5G network. The company was also proud that is already received its first order for the mining technology company Sandvik. Nokia will install a 5G industrial standalone network at Sandvik’s Tampere site in Finland.



Nokia 5G network

What makes Nokia 5G network for industrial client’s difference than other existing 5G networks is that it stands alone. What this means is that not part of a network tower belonging to a specific company such as Verizon. Nokia network will only network devices on a company’s facility and will not directly integrate with other networks. The network will still have links to the Internet but will function more like a super network hub. As results, a company can take advantage of the data transfers speed of a 5G network. This means no potential data slowed downs, a potential, document transfers or program commands.

Nokia believes its network enhance the functionality of automotive manufacturing facility. The network will achieve this by providing a company with cloud computing, robotics precision, and autonomous machine operations speed increases. In other words, the network will provide high data transfer or industry that cannot afford even a slight slowdown in data transfer. This is especially true for companies you are choosing to use more wireless communication. If such a company were to rely on a larger network it could face a slight slowdown in data transfer. Which is why Nokia 5G network for industrial clients is exactly what such clients need.

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