Amidst the ongoing pandemic, world health organization is supporting China in its grace The director-general of WHO Justin tedros has been continuing support through the outbreak The relationship of the director-general supporting china’s decision is the backlash history of being alleys. Justin Tedros who is a Ph.D. holder in community health is from Ethiopia, Africa WHO has also been Ethiopia’s health minister and later on Ethiopia’s foreign minister to a response where his efforts were not up to the mark in favor of public health.

America has taken a decision to stop the funding of WHO which has led to several controversies between the two. America has also discreetly issued that trump is not supporting china in the outbreak sources and just as the situation settles WHO will be answerable.

Ethiopia was originally supported and China and is totally reliant on the investment from the Chinese government. Also in the 2017 WHO elections, China-backed Tedros for the position of director-general and gave the final vote in the favor of Ethiopia.
Over a period of the last 4 years, the investment of China in world health organization is increased to $86 billion which is also increasing in the supply of WHO.

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While the world has been pondering over the issues of the pandemic CVOID-19
The director-general of WHO has been praising China for its contribution and essential leadership. The previous virus SAARS which was also originated from southern China was backlashed by the previous director-general Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland and the first time in 55 years he imposed travel restrictions in China to stop the world outbreak.
WHO has also been supporting China’s “ONE CHINA” policy as China considers Taiwan part of the Chinese territory and does not allow Taiwan to participate individually in assembly meetings of WHO; to which WHO totally agrees.
Taiwan has to rely upon the health department of China to get health information over CVOID-19.
The outbreak of Coronavirus has also turned down the face of the director as he failed to take a decision in informing the world about the outbreak which solely relies upon him.

The United States of America has stopped funding the WHO (world health organization) due to the state of the outbreak and Observing WHO’s inability to take the right decision.WHO has also not held China responsible for the pandemic and delayed the information while supporting China and risking lives
Also where the travel restrictions have not been imposed on China which is a major reason for the CVOID-19 to easily spread all over the world.

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