The Social and Economical life of Norway

Norway is the largest country located in Northern Europe. It is one of the best countries because of the extremely low rate of crime cases in the world. It is known for high living standard and rich economy.

  • According to the United Nations Human Development Report, Norway always a high ranked country to live in. This high ranking is based on income, education, and also factors like culture, freedom, educational freedom and the best welfare system.
  • The welfare system helps people who don’t have a job and unable to work. Financial Affairs of the welfare state of Norway is mainly managed by duties and taxes by its citizens.
  • Norway is a developed country. Social equality, Freedom, and equal rights are significant values that you can experience once you study in Norway.
  • Norway has the most developed constitution states in the world. It is a parliamentary democracy called Shortinget. There are members elected every four years.
  • Norway is recognized as a welfare state because its prime responsibility is for its citizens’ care.
  • Norway has some important values that provide the equal right to all – such as social, economic, and gender quality. People who are physically and mentally challenges have equal rights. They are treated like other people. Homosexual and same-sex relations are legal there. They can get married and adopt children.
  • Here women and men have an equal opportunity whether it is education and wages. Norway has a fact that here the government provides paternity leave quota. This helps them to combine career and family.
  • It exports oil and gas that makes it stable and the richest country forever.
  • Employment rates are extremely high as compared to other countries..
  • The population of Norway is growing very fast. Yet, the population is only around 5 million as compared to other countries.
  • It is the wealthiest country with less population in the globe. The majority of Norwegian lives in urban areas.
  • Furthermore,  the wages rate is very high for all workers. Norwegian law provides a high salary that is higher than in other countries. So, the level of poverty is extremely low.
  • Qualified employees get no less than NOK 209.70 per hour and the employees who are unqualified without any experience get no less than NOK188.40 per hour in the industry.
  • The constitution of Norway has affected by the constitution of the United States, British Political traditions, and French Revolutionary.

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