American poet Louise Gluck awarded Nobel Prize.

Louise Gluck awarded Nobel: American poet Louise Gluck awarded Nobel Prize. She won the 2020 Nobel prize for literature. The award committee feels that she has a poetic voice and beautiful work.
The Nobel Prize: The history has that the awards were given in memory of Alfred Nobel. They give an international annual award to outstanding contributions to mankind in the fields like chemistry, literature, Peace, Physics, Physiology, or medicine. Norweigan and Swedish founders of the Nobel prize, bestow this award to worthy recipients.
The Nobel prize
The Alfred Nobel prize for physics, chemistry, peace, literature, and medicine.
Other recipients of Nobel Prize 2020:

Medicine or physiology category:  Dr. Harvey J. Alter, Michael Houghton, and Charles M. Rice on Monday received the prize for their discovery of the Hepatitis C virus. The Nobel committee feels this discovery has made possible saving millions of lives.

In the Physics category: Awardees like Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel, and Andrea Ghez received the prize for their discoveries.Their work on black holes is remarkable. because it helps us to understand the universe better,

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In the chemistry category: Emmanuelle C and Jeniffer. A. Doudna for their work on a method for genome editing

Louise Gluck: Gluck is like one of the most celebrated poets in  American Literature. Louise started her career with work like First Born. She achieved the awards like Pulitzer Prize(1993) and the National Book Award (2014). Apart from poetry, she is a professor of English at Yale University. She is an advocate of radical change in American society.

Personal life: In her early teens, she had a disease like Anorexia nervosa.This is an eating disorder with abnormally low body weight and a fear of gaining weight. She overcame the disease with grit and determination. Her poems reflected pain, isolation, desire, and nature. She married  John Dranow and has a son Noah. It’s her second marriage.