Among Us registered more than 500 million active players during November

Well, there is no doubt that Among Us is the most played game and also it is registered by more than 500 million active players in the month of November and it is one of the most popular games among the kids in India. The reason behind its popularity that kids are getting bored from the march due to covid-19 also it has been reported from our sources that Among Us was played by billion people in the month of November. Among Us can be acquired for $57.99 and during the month of August and November 2020. There was a fun fact that 3% of people were using the platform. The data said that AmongUs was the most downloaded mobile game in the month of November 2020.What Among Us' New Content Updates Will Be | Screen Rant

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If we talk about its installation by people then the report says that approximately 53.2 million installations and which proves that it is installed by users 50 times in the month of November and it has earned 11.5 billion. Well in the future we expect that it does better and for now it is only available for Nintendo Switch, smartphones, and for Pcs. It has been reported from our sources that it will be available for box from next year where you will find a large number of audiences.

While increasing the interest of the audiences has also impacted positively now players not play for their entertainment purpose but yes they earned money by live-streaming the game on a platform such as youtube and also we observed that it is not limited to the normal player but also played by celebrities and by public figures here’s an example American rapper Soulja have streamed their experience by playing the game. Among Us

If we talk about the mobile version then it is absolutely free and it cost $5 in the USA. If you have not downloaded the game yet then surely you have to download it soon