TNT’s Animal Kingdom Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and all you need to know!!

Fans and viewers around the world know about this show. It’s a heartbreaking, dangerous, crime-ridden thriller. It centers around a boy whose life changes from one of grief to one of survival. Animal Kingdom Season 5 should’ve continued this story, but many obstacles keep that from happening.

Animal Kingdom is about a teenage boy whose mother died from a heroin overdose. This causes Joshua “J” Cody to live with his adrift, unconstrained relatives in Southern California, who he’s been kept from for years. As the show starts to unfurl, he starts to realize why he’s been protected from them for so long. J’s grandmother, Janine “Smurf” Cody, collaborates with her 3 sons: Pope, a mentally troubled ex-criminal; Craig, a frenzied drug user; and Deran, a man J gets skeptical of with each passing day. Together, they organize and execute armed robberies and other criminal activities. J must now not only feign loyalty but also manifest it within himself to satisfy his grandmother, a woman who controls everything, especially their relationship, obsessively.

Will There Be Animal Kingdom Season 5?

Animal Kingdom 5
Season 5

In July 2019, TNT renewed Season 5 of Animal Kingdom. It’s a very popular show praised for its criminal element and precarious relationships. Animal Kingdom Season 5 was expected to drop in May 2020 by many of its viewers.

In hindsight, throughout this TV show, there was a very specific pattern in the release dates. Except for Season 1, which was released on June 14, 2016, Seasons 2,3, and 4 have all been released in late May (May 30, 2017; May 29, 2018; May 28, 2019). All 4 seasons have also consistently ended in the month of August.

However, the fans have been anticipating the events that would unfold in Season 5 for over a year now. And, unfortunately, it seems that they’ll have to wait a while longer.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, there was an abrupt stop to the installment of the Animal Kingdom Season 5. The show also couldn’t recover from the delay in production. This is the dilemma for many other movies and television shows, as well.

Above all, an earlier tweet has stated that Animal Kingdom will resume production on Monday, September 7, 2020. That’s also the case for many other famous shows such as Shameless and Mom. The producers noticed a slight drop in the ratings in Season 4 of the show. However, they decided to put their faith in Season 5.

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Where Can I Watch Season 5 Of Animal Kingdom?

You can easily access Animal Kingdom on many streaming sites. Whether you’re a diehard fan desperately waiting for Season 5, or you want to start on the first episode to see what all the fuss is about.

Release Date: Animal Kingdom season 5 will be released on October 14, 2021 on Amazon Prime.

There are two main types of sites that allow viewers access to Animal Kingdom. The first are sites the require a membership. The second requires individual payments of either an episode, season, or the whole show. This would be preferable for someone who wants to watch at their own pace and pay separately.

The bolded prices are a general view on which memberships are the cheapest. However, each site explains its prices more in-depth. The listed prices above are just estimates, and viewers should always pick which streaming service is right for them and not necessarily the cheapest.

List Of Streaming Sites Animal Kingdom Season 5 Will Be Available On

Sites with Membership Fees:

  • Prime Video ($8.99/month)
  • Amazon Prime ($12.99/month)
  • *Sling TV ($30-$45/month)
  • *DIRECTV ($97-$197/month)
  • TNT ($55/month).

*Prices vary based on which package you choose.

Sites with Individual Payments:

  •  Apple iTunes ($29.99/season, $59.99 for all 4 seasons)
  •  Google Play Movies ($1.99/episode, $24.99/season)
  •  Vudu ($24.99/season, $59.99 for all 4 seasons)
  • *Fandango NOW ($1.99/episode, HD: $23.99-$28.99/season, SD: $19.99-$23.99/season)
  • *Microsoft Store ($2.99/episode, $18.99-$29.99/season)

*Prices vary based on which season you choose to buy

Is There A Season 6 Of Animal Kingdom?

Despite the uncertainty about the release of Animal Kingdom Season 5, there’s no doubt that it will eventually be free to be accessed by viewers. The COVID-19 pandemic may have delayed the production of the show for a considerable amount of time. But when it was postponed, the producers were already halfway through completing Animal Kingdom Season 5.

Canceling the show or even the release of Season 5 would’ve been a waste of time and money, especially since the TV show has been so successful over the years.

However, this has people wondering about the future of the production, specifically the renewal of the 6th season of the Animal Kingdom.

As of right now, there has been no news regarding Season 6 of the Animal Kingdom.

It’s considered too soon to be talking about a 6th season when the 5th hasn’t even come out, yet.

Is Animal Kingdom Coming Back In 2020?

animal kingdom season 6
Season 6?

It’s been over a year since the anticipated release date of Season 5, which has left fans frantic and unsure of the show’s future. And with the global pandemic occurring, has left everyone unsure of the future in general.

Many people have been worried about the future of this criminal and drama series, but there has been no definite or significant sign of this show being canceled. Besides the small drop in ratings after Season 4, Animal Kingdom has been a thrilling show with a solid fanbase and a thrilling storyline.

Whether you’re an ardent watcher or a casual observer, the future of Animal Kingdom is not at risk.

The Cody family has taught us many things, and giving up is not included. You can survive and recover from anything. From a mother who’s passed away to a worldwide crisis, we help heal our wounds just like the people in Animal Kingdom do, and we can’t forget that nor let go of it.

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