Anthony Hopkins marks 45 year of Sobriety after nearly ‘drinking myself to death

There is a piece of recent news that Veteran film and stage actor Anthony Hopkins Veteran film and stage actor on today (Wednesday) marks 45 years of sobriety and shared the message to the audience especially target audience is younger audience members afflicted with alcohol and substance abuse. He said that I was heading towards drinking myself to death. I came to a thought that do you want to live or die and I said that I want to live and suddenly I came with relief and life been amazing. It is a very tough year and full of sadness for many people.Anthony Hopkins marks 45 years sobriety with encouraging message: 'Just keep fighting

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The oscar winner posts a tweet on Twitter a one-minute video. He says that All in all I say hang in there. Today or tomorrow did not matter what you were so worried about yesterday. Young people don’t give up they just keeping fighting till the end be bold and all the forces will come to their aid. Anthony Hopkins said that who turns 83 on Thursday ended the video by saying that wishing a happy new year to all and hopped 2021 would be better.

A star went on acknowledged said that he had off days and a few doubts since 1975 he wanted to viewers come away from watching his video. The actor drawn the oscar buzz for his titular role in the adaption of Florian Zellers said that the relief that came to life has been amazing. I know when my mother died she just had enough she was 89 years of age. He had encouraged the younger audience and also state how to live life. We get motivated with his quotes and also follow in our life. Hope his statement gets true that 2021 would be a batter year till then got update with our articles.