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Environmental Health addresses all the physical,chemical ,and biological factors external to a person,and all the related factors impacting behaviours.

As it involves examining and evaluating the effects of chemical made by humans to human health or wildlife and how ecological systems impact spread of illnesses.

Also ,it includes everything from managing the use of pesticides to the quality of dry wall used in construction.

Thus it is a healthcare area that a gaining increasing attention around the world as there are more studies proving that :-

Moreover It’s impact is beyond that the individual and can determine the cost of public healthcare and the health of the local economy.

Therefore, Majorly Environmental health is the study of how environmental factors can harm human health and how we can identify and control such effects.

The Enviromental health address the following issues :-

Environmental health
Disease prevention

Priorly Handling Issues of
Disease mitigation and control is one main aspect affecting environmental health.

This can help improve waste management systems to prevent possibility of waste polluting drinking water sources or ,

Be it Triggering the spreading of illnesses by providing health supportive environments,

As well as behaviour related to the social and cultural environment ,and genetics.

When researchers and monitors are assessing the environmental health of a person or community.

They tend look at how external elements are impacting the mental ,emotional and physical health of the individual ,and at large.

Therefore secondly, Environment health regulations can extend to cover housing ,transportation ,food and water management as well.

Kinds of Environmental Hazards
Humans stumble across numerous environmental hazards every single day.

Thus ,to understand better let’s çlassify them into four categories:-


Environment health
Environment gets affected

Biological hazards

These emanate from environmental relations between organisms .

Its examples include bacteria ,viruses ,fungi, spores ,pathogenic micro-organisms ,natural processes it at the same time hazardous.

Physical hazards

These are physical processes which happen naturally in the environment,

For instance natural disasters like volcanoes ,earthquake ,droughts ,landslides ,blizzards ,and tornadoes.

Chemical hazards

Environmental health

    Chemical hazard

These occur in ecological systems in two ways ; human -made or natural .

Naturally occuring chemical hazards include mercury and lead,which are considered as heavy metals.

Whereas human made chemical hazards encompass lots of synthetic chemicals human produce such as pesticides ,plastics ,and disinfectants .

Cultural hazards

These environmental health hazards are sometimes referred to as social hazards.

They originate from your locality ,behavioural choices ,occupation ,social -economic status.

Examples of cultural hazards include cigratte smoking ,which is detrimental to human health.

Environmental health addresses:-

It addresses the possibility of waste polluting drinking water sources or the spreading illnesses that live there aren’t in synch with the requirements of proper hygiene and handling of waste items.

Food management

It is a well known issue that affects environmental health concern from seed harvesting and preparing to use of  fertilizer and pesticides to crops maturity.

Environmental health might also tackle the transportation requirement of goods as the road and rail network in some countries are not efficient enough.

Quality Issues

Guaranteing that enough drinking water will be readily obtained to the local community is yet another main aspect of the environmental health .

Environmental campaigners will look to find ways of developing water reserves that can wholly cushioned from the possibility of contamination.

Moreover these environmental health advocates not only look towards drinking and cooking water ,but make sure there is enough water available for crop irrigation.

Housing and Transportation:-

Environmental health looks at the quality and condition of transporatation and housing.

Moreover  it also addresseses related to :

-Air pollution,

-Climate change

-Rising temperatures,

-Solid waste management,

-Rising sea levels.


Therefore by centring and minimising environmental and social risk factors ,close to a quarter of the world’s disease burden can be mitigated.

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