Ecosystem Degradation


Ecosystem degradation


Our ecosystem is a large community of living organisms like plants ,animals and microbes in a particular area and the diminishing capacity of these organisms to survive is environmental degradation.

These living organisms and physical components in an ecosystem are linked together through nutrient cycles and energy flows.

Hence The Ecosystem can be of any size ,but usually they are in particular places.

The Ecosystem Degradation therefore is an environmental problem that diminishes the capacity of species to survive .


Degradation of the ecosystem occur in different ways making it the cause for reduction in the richness of The ecosystems as well as biological diversity.

And also deduction in goods and services they can offer.Thereby affecting indeginous and migratory species.

Causes and effects of Ecosystem degradation-

1. Impact on human health

Due to Environmental degradation Human health might be at risk .

For instance , areas that are exposed to toxic air pollutants can cause respiratory problems like pneumonia and asthma .

Globally millions of people are known to have died due to indirect effects of air pollution.

2.The ecosystem degradation in the deforestation is due to overexploitation of their resources .

Therefore it is important to keep The Ecosystem in good condition because as long as it is not degraded ,it represents source of wealth for the society.

3.One of the main causes that contributes to ecosystem degradation is  Deforestation .


Deforestation is usually brought into practice to commercialize a land  .

Because of increase in population and peoples need more land seems to be deforested

Loss incurred  due to deforestation can be prevented by planting more and more trees to compensate with the loss caused .

4.At lower scale , another factor of  uncontrolled fires- 

They are usually to prepare land for agricultural activities or to remove forest for the development of stock rearing areas.

Thus these practices eliminate the organic covering of the land, making it more susceptible to erosion by both wind and water .

And leading in environmental degradation.

In addition , the fires cause health problems and is also harmful for the aesthetic value of the landscape.

Accidental or natural fires are another case in point.They affect areas of natural forest.

5.Equipment is lacking 

On way to control such fires being one of the main reasons to the burning of large areas ,our communities need to be more organised.

6.Moreover  roads without proper drainage measures ,which  subject to penetration and settlement, are high stress factors of The ecosystems leading to its degradation.

7.Thus Wetlands are very fragile ecosystems that are being severely affected.

Especially those which are a result of weather and nature of their soil and water.

The Wetlands therefore cause reduction in the number and diversity of the species of terrestrialflora,birds,reptiles,mammals,fish and crustaceans causing ecosystem degradation.

Such problems results from excessive exploitation of wildlife species either to feed the population,to trade their furs,or to trade live species.

Also Sedimentation,  that causes changes in water quality.

Thereby, affecting the reproduction of aquatic species that live or reproduce in the wetlands.

Conclusion and summary

Now let’s take an overview of the article-

•Ecosystem Degradation is of –


-Land and soil ,



Where , Pollution is main cause of Ecosystem Degradation.

Pollution can deplete resources and drive away local animal populations .

Water degradation
Water degradation

Significant sources of pollution include trash , carbon emissions,oil spills and pesticides.

Other additional factors leading in Ecosystem Degradation are-


•Soil erosion

•Falling levels of ground water

•Water Pollution

•Throwing waste in river

•Burning of coal and mineral oil.

Also the Degradation due to such factors result in –

•Acid rain,

•Biodiversity loss,



•Soil erosion,

•Endangerment of species,

•Natural disasters,

•Global warming


Habitat destruction

Which on a whole leads to Ecosystem Degradation that can be Prevented by-

1.Natural Resources consumption should be reduced as these resources are the ones which the planet gives us limited.

2.Terracing .

3.Strip farming.

4.Crop rotation.

5.Reuse and recycle products.

6.Green Transportation.


7.Lastly Give back to the Environment

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