Anurag Kashyap says he “doesn’t recognize the ‘new’ Kangana”

Ace film director, Anurag Kashyap shared his thoughts about Kangana’s recent interview on his twitter. Kangana Ranaut who always makes headlines with her bold remarks did an explosive interview with Arnab Goswami a few days before. Not to mention, it soon went viral. During the interaction, Kangana expressed her firm stand on the death of Sushath accusing some big shots of Bollywood as the reason for his suicide. She talked in length about the hardships she faced as a beginner, and also about nepotism. Not only did she take a dig at some fellow actors, but also went on to name some filmmakers as suicide gang.

Sharing one of Kangana’s earlier interviews, Anurag called it scary and said he couldn’t recognize the actress anymore who was once his good friend. He said if her family and friends cannot see what she is doing now, then she probably doesn’t have anyone by her side. Anurag also voiced his concerns saying if that is the case, then the actress is being used by everyone.

Kangana and Anurag
Anurag Kashyap’s tweets

He tweeted, “I saw Kangana’s interview yesterday. She once used to be a very good friend of mine. She used to encourage me by coming to my films. But now I don’t know this new Kangana. And I just saw this scary interview of hers, which was shared just after the release of Manikarnika.”

Anurag added he had never heard her saying ‘learn from me or be like me’ before 2015. He said success and failure affect everyone equally irrespective of them being an insider or outsider. He also called her out for abusing her directors and went on to accuse her sitting at the editing table to cutout scenes of her costars. The director further added that Kangana is now talking nonsense and that he could no longer tolerate her.

Kashyap concluded his series of tweets by addressing Kangana and wrote, “┬áIf you want to abuse me, you can. Keep going.”

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