Tucker Carlson, this Monday evening made accusation over New York Times for revealing his residence address. After resuming his show after a brief amount of holiday, Tucker Carlson alleges NY times about endangering his and his family’s safety. He accused the newspaper about the revelation of his home address over his prime time show.

Soon after the allegation provided by the reporter, about his home address. Many of the twitter accounts started publishing his address and personal information. The twitter got flooded with information about the reporter and also got encouragement to harass him by masses.

In a statement provided by the NY times to the Washington Post. They verified that, ”While we cannot confirm about what may or may not get published in future. The NY Times has not and does not plan to expose any residence information of Carlson.” They also cleared that, “ Carlson was well aware of the fact before the tonight’s broadcast”.

Tucker Carlson alleges NY times newspaper about their planning to work over a story depicting where my family and I live. Carlson said all this was done in order to intimidate him and take off his show from the air.

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Tucker told his millions of viewers on his Monday show that, “ They hate my politics. They want this show off the air”. He also said that, “ If one of my children gets hurt because of the story they wrote, they won’t even consider about the collateral damage it may cause. They knew it was actually the whole point of the gimmick: to inflict pain and sorrow on my family. Also, to terrorize us, to have a control over what we say and present. That’s the knid of thinking these people have.

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