Apple Fortnite game store deal: True or False?

Around a week ago, Apple and Google had removed from their app stores on grounds of violating certain policies. Fortnite maker Epic Games had then sued both these tech giants, accusing them of abusing their power. However, on August 21, Apple spoke being urged by Epic Games’ chief executive, desiring an Apple Fortnite game store deal.

A little background of the Apple Fortnite chaos

Apple allegedly accused Fortnite of introducing in-app payments and violating the app store guidelines. Fortnite maker Epic Games replied that they didn’t violate any rules and had introduced the in-app system for their users’ benefit. Instead, they accused the app stores of charging a higher payment than necessary from the game users. Hence, they said, that they had to introduce an in-app payment system to urge the users to use their money more efficiently.

Epic Games then sued both Apple and Google. This was done to urge them to change some of their app store policies that were harmful to some users and developers.

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Recently, Fortnite also announced a free tournament in its fight against the app store. This will, however, not be available for iPhone users.

What exactly is the Apple Fortnite game store deal?

Apple alleged that the Epic Games chief executive is looking to create their own game store within the Apple App Store. The news came to light after Apple approached a federal judge to deny this request by the Fortnite makers. Apple had recently removed the game from all its model since the dispute between the two companies didn’t seem to resolve.

Apple’s stand

Apple said that the Epic Games CEO was not appreciative of the app store’s policies. That is why, Apple says, CEO Tim Sweeney wants to create an Epic Games store inside Apple’s App Store. Sweeney was asking for an exception that Apple would never make. And then when Apple denied him the request, Sweeney e-mailed them that Epic Games would not adhere to the app store policies. The in-app payment system in Fortnite has launched soon after, the Apple statement says.

Epic Games’ stand

Epic Games is yet to give an official statement regarding the truth of the Apple Fortnite game store deal. But CEO Tom Sweeney shared his mail to Apple on Twitter, saying “Apple’s statement is misleading.”

But there is no mention of any deal with Apple. So, is Apple falsely alleging Fortnite of such a deal, or is Epic Games yet to accept it? Only time will tell!

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