Apple may launch own search engine to take upon Google!!

There is a good news for all the Apple fans out there. Apple may launch own search engine to take upon Google. To move away from Google, Apple has decided to work on its own search engine.

However, different measures are found which suggests that Apple will work towards its own search engine.
Furthermore, a big news regarding Apple recording jobs in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for expert users.


The search engine of Apple is probably more personalized. And is time saver as it is without ads. Apple may launch own search engine to take upon Google. According to several indicators, it is clear that the Cupertino which is a California based company will for sure work on its search engine. Certain specialization includes the anti competitive nature of Google. Moreover, its regulatory problems and job listings by Apple for AI experts and search engineers.

Furthermore, with iOS 14 beta and iPadOS 14 beta. Apple’s Spotlight Search diversions Google Search to show any search results which is stated by the report of Coywolf.

Default Search Engine :

According to the reports, Apple may launch own search engine to take upon Google. As it has been paying Apple for several years to remain the default search engine on Safari for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. This is applicable till the users manually change the default search engine preferences. Moreover, as the default search engine of Apple, the regulators may force it to remove Google. And let its users choose which search engine they want to use when they first launch Safari.

Last but not the least, Applebot web crawler page has been activated to verify traffic. The report confirms that AppleBot has been regularly crawling sites in its server.

If Apple really comes up with its own search engine. It is to be expected to serve a purpose different than showing ads and data mining. As per the reports it will be somehow like Google Assistant on Android with the feature that it will not have ads and will be completely private for users.

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