Elon Musk’s Neuralink Surgical Robot

Elon Musk has created a Surgical Robot, something the world has been talking about for more than a year. The Elon Musk Surgical Robot has been created through his company, Neuralink.The robot is white and clean with a smooth surface, typical features of an advanced machine. However, considering that the robot needs to perform surgeries it has some soothing and claiming feature.

Elon Musk and others run the company, Neuralink. In 2015 a pair of neurotech researchers initiated astartup called Neuralink. Later, the multi-billionaire Elon Musk has invested in the company secretly. In 2017, he officially announced that he will support a brain-computer interface, Neuralink. The company’s goal is to bring human intelligence and artificial intelligence together. As a result, the human race with a higher level of apprehensive and comprehensive thinking. The purpose of the robot does match with the company’s vision.

the head, the body and the base are the three parts of the surgical robot. The head looks like a helmet, that holds the head of the patient. A map of the patient’s head is provides by the sensor and a camera that is a of teh head.In addition, the Elon Musk Surgical Robot has a needle to help the surgery. The inside section of the head is light mint in colour for the claiming effect.

Furthemore, the activities and the motions done by the head are handled by the body of the surgical robot. The body has a hump-like structure. The base’s job is to hold the machine together and keep it from falling apart. It also seems to have a computer-brain.

We will find out about how successful is the robot in the future when is it put to use.

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