Apple’s first-gen M1 Chip – A Powerhouse of Efficiency And Performance, A Revolution of the Era.

Are you familiar with the Apple Events? Oh Boy, who isn’t? A great line up of events with the launch of new iPhone series, gadgets, headphones, gears and Mac! Yes The MacBook. Beside the regular hype of iPhones lineup every year, this time Apple has revolutionized the game of processors and showcased it’s own ARM-SoC aka Apple Silicon or lets just be more comfortable in calling it the M1 Chip. So, here is a quick guide to Apple’s first-gen Silicon Chip – The M1 Processor- which Apple claims is faster than 98% of other PCs sold this year. Whaaatttt? Yes! That’s what the benchmarks explain. So brace-up & ‘Process’ yourself and let me just take you into it.

Apple M1 chip , Apple’s first-gen M1 Chip , Mac VS Intel

What is M1 Chip?

Apple m1 chipThe Apple M1 is the first ARM-based system on a chip by Apple Inc. as a central processing unit for its line of Mac laptops i.e. Mac Air 2020, Mac Mini 2020 & Mac Pro 2020. Previously, Mac needed multiple processors to deliver the performance i.e. GPU, CPU, Memory, Rom, and etc. technical stuff. But, as I said, there were limitations on that. Intel was not the best of what Apple can go with so they came up with the plan of their own. It was rumored back then that Apple Inc. was working into the development of a single system on a chip (SoC) that will include everything in one chip. The company showcased it’s best while ending the Great Apple Event in November this year. Uhmm….! Yes this was a ‘good thing to witness’ in 2020 if you know what I mean. Not going off the topic – So, Apple claims the M1 chip to be world’s fastest performing CPU which is built using 5 nm process.

Let me take you through some out of the box features of the M1 Chip –

  • It is a 5 nanometer chip with 8-Core Processors (4 High Performance Cores and 4 High Efficiency Cores)
  • Integrated 8-core GPU with 2.6 teraflops
  • 16-Core Neural Engine to deliver the best performance
  • Built in RAM
  • Unified Memory Architecture
  • Up to 3.5x faster CPU then any other latest laptop chip
  • Up to 6x faster Graphics Performance
  • 8GB or 16GB of LPDDR4X-4266 MHz SDRAM
  • P.s. – iPhone apps are now all included in Mac

MAC , 8-Core Processors , 5 Nanometer process


And a lot more of it when you get your hands on one of the Macs from 2020. And we all know that, in terms of PC, Apple Macintosh rules the game. Everyone loves it’s smoothness, graphics, feather-touches and the aura of Mac. But the Evolution from a 2nd Party processor (Intel) to their own and more powerful processor is what Apple did by deploying M1 Chip in their new line of Macintosh Pc series 2020. Tables turned!!

Apple MacBook Pro With M1 Chip Video

Apple M1 vs Intel

Trust me this sounds technical on so many levels but in actuality Apple has revolutionized the ‘Processor Game’. As per the benchmarks, it definitely looks better than AMD and Intel in terms of Performance. The Intel chip,  with x86 microcode needs more transistors to deliver performance thus taking more amount of Power. Where on the other hand, Apple’s ARM architecture is much more economical. M1 Chip works with 8 CPU cores in which Apple showed 4 are High Performance Cores built for adrenaline of power while 4 are High Efficiency Cores which are power savers resulting in longer battery life with best of the performance. M1 Chip Features , M1 vs Intel

Talking about the ARM based unified memory Structure, the other benefit of it is that all the components access the same RAM. So there is no chance of experiencing loss of performance due to reshaping of memory access. It’s more like you get what you desired. In comparison, the M1 manages to hammer the Intel machine with a quarter of the RAM. Yikes !!


Why M1 Chip is more Reliable?

Okay, here comes your question – Is it a ‘good-bye’ to the previously used Intel Processor Chips in every Mac Notebooks and laptops? Absolutely Yes! There were struggles that Apple had to deal with while working with the Intel Chips and the limitations that it was bound to in the processor. But that’s just one reason for change. The leap from Intel to M1 is significantly has more advantages. Apple now can integrate the main processor in the MAC smoothly into the system RAM and the rest of the hardware. In the near future, The chips can be equipped with more of what people will love or will demand making Apple reign the game. No doubts, Mac will seamlessly be the most flexible and power-performing notebook & desktop PC on the market for years.  Just imagine doing all this without taking another manufacturer in its way of development. So, that’s a Goodbye INTEL!!

The Final Decree

Pheww!! That was a lot to take in. Right? But I hope it was well explanatory and you quite got a lot of it through scrolling and reading but hang in there as it is just the start of an era! This was expected and they did it. Though they outperformed our expectations but let’s just wait to get our hands on one of the Mac. This is a new age and M1 roared like a beast stepping into this new decade. Moreover, developing M1 chip is just the beginning, the company now has possibility to scale up its own line of processors and desktop PCs accordingly which is a breakaway from the mainstream Desktop PCs. A better, optimized, seamless & fiercely fast range of Mac!! Woah!! The future indeed looks Great and more ‘processed’.

See you with another post. Logging off!

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